Important update on relocations to Paris

As the UK’s exit from the EU approaches, and many of London’s leading institutions moving ahead with Brexit contingency plans. The major beneficiary of those moves is undoubtedly French capital. Currently, many companies have confirmed staff moves to Paris or plan to open a subsidiary, meaning that a lot of jobs are set to move from London to Paris or be newly created in Paris.


There is fierce competition in the housing market and the cost of living is high.  Finding a good, reasonably priced rental home without professional rental search assistance can be challenging.  You can request our new Paris area report by clicking here.

Please do get in touch if you require further info.

Not the easiest relocation in more ways than one. Saunder1865 has done a tremendous job keeping things positive and on track. Love the company and thanks for helping us through the many challenges of moving across the pond.

Aaron  Gardiner, Toronto