How will the UK General Election Result Impact Brexit?

And what it might mean for you & your global mobility plan

AOpinion Piece by Tony Coe, Founder & CEO of Saunders 1865


UK Prime Minister Theresa May called a general election hoping to establish a powerful and united front for Britain going into Brexit negotiations in with the EU. 

Prior to that the governing Tory party had a big lead over the opposition in the polls so a landslide in its favour looked certain.

But in the new world of politics, nothing is certain any more.  The Tories were dealt a huge bloody nose by voters.  They lost their majority in the House of Commons and we now have a hung parliament. 

The Tories are still the largest party but they must now negotiate with the DUP (Democratic Union Party of Northern Ireland) in order to govern.

Theresa May has been seriously weakened as a leader and some say that Brexit is in serious jeopardy.  At the very least, it seems that the approach to Brexit will need to be less hard.

Frankly, the whole Brexit process seems to me to be a complete mess with the EU making ever more outlandish demands of the UK without, as far as I can see, any contractual basis for them.  Certainly I’ve not heard any reference to concrete contract terms that justify demands such as the UK having to pay the entire costs associated with, for example, relocating institutions out of the UK and into the Eurozone.


And if a contractual basis for all these onerous obligations does exist, then the UK did a pretty poor job of negotiating a pre-nuptial agreement when it entered the EU!

I see no prospect of a deal being concluded within the 2-year time limit which has now been counting down since the triggering of Article 50 by Theresa May on 29 March.

In the meantime, business leaders are left trying to prepare for what a final Brexit deal look like – or what the implications of a no deal scenario might be.  That being so, employers are strategically moving their employees internationally like chess pieces in an effort to cover all bases.  Consequently we’re managing many more moves to a variety of major cities in the Eurozone.

At the same time, none of our clients are abandoning the UK.  Far from it.  All are strengthening their UK operations, especially in London.

A common denominator amongst all our corporate clients is their insistence on providing the people and families they move with the best relocation support to ensure the retention and solid commitment of their top talent.

If there’s one certain thing about Brexit it’s this:  Brexit has led and will continue to lead to many more international moves.  These need expert management to ensure success every time.  Relocation failures are massively wasteful so make sure you get the best support that’s available.

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