How video Viewings of London Rentals

are saving business time & money

Video Viewing Rental homes in UKIn the modern world in which we all now live and work, business leaders relocating to London are busier and busier. They no longer have the time they used to when they could spend hours away from their work to go out on tours of potential rental homes.  

That being the case, some executives and businesses are asking us to arrange video viewings of rental homes to save time – and it’s working surprisingly well in two ways:

  1. Homes can be ruled out in less time so that only the best are viewed in person; and
  2. In appropriate cases, a decision to rent a home can be taken purely on the basis of the video viewing.

A digital viewing can mean that a rental home can be selected before the executive even travels to the UK.  Once a decision to rent has been made, our rental search professionals can proceed with the offer and rental contract negotiations in preparation for the start of the tenancy.

It also means that our clients can get ahead of competing renters in areas of high demand for rental homes.

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The Saunders 1865 team went above and beyond to make sure I was happy with every aspect of the flat hunt in London. They provided guidance, support and knowledge every step of the way, and did so positively, which I know must not have always been easy.  I have absolutely no complaints about Saunders 1865; I felt that my best interest was always top of mind.

Patricia  Koulogeorge, Illinois