Saunders 1865 | How to Relocate Millennials to the UK – The Way They Want It Done!

How to Relocate Millennials to the UK – The Way They Want It Done!

At a Price That Will Always Get Approved! And In a Way That Helps You Beat the Skills Shortage!!

New Year, new service! Christine Hall here – the VIP Relocation Guru in London. I know you’re going to LOVE this!!!

Based on a survey of corporate clients, we created a UK Destination Support Package that’s specifically designed relocating millennials to London and across the UK.

This unique package incorporates rental search assistance and settling-in support in ONE agile package that’s FAST, flexible and affordable.

So what did we do? We went right to the source!

We consulted both HR professionals and relocated millennials themselves. They said they wanted the level of VIP relocation support that Saunders 1865 is famous for – but they wanted 2 modifications:

  1. They wanted the support delivered in a way that suit the needs of this group (millennials); and
  2. At a price point that was a no brainer for the line of business.

Millennials told us they needed slimmed-down support that allows them to hit the ground running!

They like to be on the go with super-fast support via email & SMS texts that targets their needs in a laser-like fashion with no unnecessary stuff!

Treating millennials well pays for itself over and over. The ROI of this slimmed-down program is fantastic!!!

It gives enlightened employers an important edge in the intensifying battle for the best talent.

So what’s YOUR New Year’s Resolution? We sure know ours! Still stuck? We’ll help…..

Stand out from the crowd as a caring, enlightened employer.

Provide your relocating millennials with this unique support that’s guaranteed to help you beat the skills shortage.

Saunders 1865’s unique Millennials UK Destination Support is ONE PACKAGE that provides BOTH rental search AND settling-in assistance in ONE program.

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