How To Protect your Employees in the UK

From getting abused by landlords & rental agents

By: Tony Coe, Founder & CEO

On too many occasions, the rental market in the UK operates a bit like The Wild West!  This is why the government is trying to bring in laws to improve the situation for renters.

But I’m afraid the legal improvements are taking far too long, leaving unrepresented tenants to fend for themselves.

I’m pleased that our corporate clients make sure their UK renters are protected by providing them with robust, ongoing support.  We are therefore able to protect these renters against the abuses that are commonplace in the London and UK rental markets.

Such abuses (many of which start to occur after move-in) include:

  • Unfair terms in rental contracts
  • Extortionate “fees for keys” where rental agents extort money from tenants who believe they’ve no alternative but pay up
  • Landlords who fail to meet their repairing obligations
  • Holding on to deposits for no good reason
  • Exploiting the fact that renters from overseas don’t know their rights

On a daily basis, we robustly protect our clients’ employees from all these abuses and more. Those employees, in turn, feel highly valued by their companies – and that’s a great ROI for these businesses.

If any of your employees are being given a hard time by UK landlords or rental agents, do reach out to us.  We love putting these situations right and we have no loyalty whatever to any landlord or rental agent.

We are fiercely independent of them and NEVER accept referral fees.

If you have any questions or comments, do get in touch by using our Contact Form

The Saunders 1865 team made the relocation to a new country very easy. They were on top of all the details and very prompt to answer any questions/concerns. More importantly I felt like they treated my case in a very personal way and put in a lot of effort to guide me through step by-step in the UK rental market. I would recommend working with Saunders 1865 to anyone relocating to London!

Alan Garavito, Florida