Saunders 1865 | REVEALED: How to Avoid 5 Common Traps in UK Tenancy Agreements

REVEALED: How to Avoid 5 Common Traps in UK Tenancy Agreements

At 3:45 UK time (GMT +1) on Wednesday, April 6th we will be hosting another free educational webinar for global mobility and HR professionals

We’ll be looking at Clauses that are aimed at catching unwary tenants from overseas, like:

–      Landlords refurbishing homes with tenants’ deposit funds

–      Landlords trapping tenants into renewal by stealth

–      Landlords trying to push their obligations onto tenants

These are just some traps that tenants can face when renting a UK property.  This need not and should not happen!

It’s important to be aware that there are no standard rental contracts in the UK.  Different landlords use different contracts that come in all different shapes and sizes.  Some are fair; but most are far from fair before we start to pull them apart on behalf of our clients.

But they are all negotiable and it’s important that you should be aware of the traps to watch out for – for you or your company’s protection and for the welfare of your assignees – and how to respond to them.

This webinar will show you the 5 main traps, determined by our relocation experts, to watch out for in UK leases and how to avoid them.  And you will also have a chance to raise your own questions on this topic during the live event.

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