How Might Brexit Negotiations

Impact Your Business?


Relocating a globally mobile workforce after the UK leaves the EU

It’s just my opinion! Tony Coe, Founder & CEO of Saunders 1865 & The Relocation Academy,

At long last, the Brexit divorce negotiations have started.  Reportedly, 1 in 10 UK-based companies are considering their international relocation plans to be certain they can fulfil their need for workers.

Specifically they are considering moving all or some parts of their UK operations to countries outside the UK, if the government fails to allow the companies to import workers from other countries to their UK locations.

The government has yet to fully respond to the concerns raised by business owners.  Many business owners argue that the UK needs to adopt a straightforward, flexible and affordable immigration system for EU nationals post Brexit for the economy to continue to grow.  As a business owner myself, I would argue that this system needs to apply equally to all potential immigrants on a global basis.  Why single out EU nationals?

As an employer considering a candidate, I’m only interested in whether they have the skills and attributes for the job, not what part of the world they are coming from.  As an employer, I want the freedom to appeal to a global pool of talent.  

In my view, Brexit will lead to more global mobility of workers, not less.  Certainly I can understand businesses hedging their bets by having sites both within and without the Eurozone.

Successful global businesses need access to the right talent all over the world.  For that reason our corporate clients invest significant money in ensuring their key talent are supported in terms of VIP-level relocation support.

If you’re being relocated overseas for Brexit (or any other reason for that matter), you should take time out to have a free consultation with one of our relocation experts.  The same applies if you’re a business leader moving talent internationally.

Saunders 1865 has over 30 years of experience relocating top talent internationally – both to and from locations all over the world.  

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