Saunders 1865 | Is Hollywood Mega Star Johnny Depp Planning a Move to the UK?

Is Hollywood Mega Star Johnny Depp Planning a Move to the UK?

Ravini Jinadasa Vice President – Client ServicesBy Ravini Jinadasa

Vice President – Client Services

Hollywood mega star, Johnny Depp, says there’s a high possibility he might be moving to the UK.

Apparently he’s tired of Los Angeles and wants to live in a place ‘full of real, genuine people’. He’ll certainly find that in Mancunians!
There have even been suggestions on social media about getting him onto Coronation Street!!

Talking on The Graham Norton Show, Mr Depp said that he was planning a move to Manchester. He also talked about playing the role of Donald Trump.

Mr Depp might enjoy reading an article on Manchester Evening News’ website about moving to Manchester

Manchester is one of the fastest growing cities in the UK. Dubbed “the powerhouse of the north”, the city has the third largest banking and finance industry in the country – and the city itself is the third largest economic centre in the UK.

Businesses move their global talent to Manchester from all over the world and my firm helps their families find the best homes and schools in and around the city.

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