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The Hoff: Heading Our Way

News has reached us that our favourite ex-lifeguard, David ‘The Hoff’ Hasselhoff may be getting ready to make a permanent move to our shores.  Reports suggest that he has put his stunning Antebellum mansion in California on the market so that he can join his British girlfriend, Hayley Roberts, in the UK.

David has lived in his California dream home since 1996 – it’s a beautiful plantation-style, white mansion located high in the hills above Malibu, complete with columned porticos, a landscaped swimming pool and 1.5 acres of grounds.  The asking price is $3.8 million and if he converts that to pounds, he could buy himself something equally grand over here.

David made his name in the American TV series Knight Rider and Baywatch, and in the 80s and 90s was one of the biggest stars not only in America but in the world.  More recently he has acted as a judge on the hit show Britain’s Got Talent and it was at one of the BGT auditions that he met Hayley, when she asked him for an autograph.  Little did she realise at that moment that a simple encounter would lead to romance but now the couple are looking to set up home together in the Cotswolds.

Relocating to a new country can be a little more complicated than simply moving to the next town. Expats like David need to get to grips with a different currency and substantial differences in the way in which houses are bought and sold or rented in the destination country.  Add to that all the logistical chores like setting up new bank accounts, dealing with utility suppliers, arranging the transportation of furniture and belongings and getting to grips with a new car that needs to be driven on the other side of the road (and doesn’t talk back!) – so the whole thing might seem a little daunting.  David’s lucky to have Hayley to help him through it, but for expats arriving without that sort of help, the services of a good relocation agent can make all the difference.  The Saunders 1865 Home Finding and Settling-in & Orientation programs are there to offer support at every step along the way.


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