Hobs Studio moves to East London

Company chooses Here East’s campus as its new London headquarters

                                                  By: Ann Dinsdale, GMS


Hobs Studio, the company behind the UK’s biggest 3D printing bureau, has chosen a new home for its London headquarters.  The company is relocating its London base from Old Street to Hear East’s campus in Stratford. The campus provides a space for businesses, educators, entrepreneurs and artists to collaborate and create.

Hobs is set to employ around 30 people to work in the new lab which will provide visual and 3D printing services for architects, engineers, property developers and others in the construction industry.  All of the company’s 3D printing facilities, including the largest 3D printer of its kind in the UK, will be relocated to the new office.

The company also plans to develop a 3D academy to build a talent pool of 3D specialists.

The move, which is expected to be completed by the end of 2017, is the latest vote of confidence in London.  It is the latest in a line of technology companies that have chosen East London for future expansion.  The surge of relocations to the area further supports the Mayor of London’s commitment to transform the Thames Estuary into a world-leading hub for the creative and cultural industries.

I’m not surprised the company has chosen Stratford for its new headquarters.  With favourable rents, great transport links and access to enviable talent pools, it’s easy to see the appeal.  The area has continued to expand following the 2012 Olympics, and is fast becoming a technological hub.

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