Heptares Therapeutics relocating to Cambridge, UK

Brings more investment and exceptional talent to Great Britain

By Ann Dinsdale, GMS, ann.dinsdale@saunders1865.com

I have some exciting news about another highly successful global corporation that’s publicly announced their decision to expand their UK presence.  Leading GPCR medicine design and development company, Heptares Therapeutics will relocate to a newly modernised facility in Granta Park, Cambridge, UK.

The new facility will accommodate all of the company's UK R&D team.  This relocation anticipates employing over 130 exceptionally talented people from around the world.

The company expects this relocation to take place in the second half of 2018 and will be an additional centre to the company’s operations already located in London and Oxford.

Malcolm Weir, Chief Executive Officer of Heptares and Chief R&D Officer of Sosei Group notes that building an international team in its multiple UK locations has led to enormous success for the company and is the reason the company has a world-leading position.

Heptares Therapeutics, just like other industry leading companies like Google, IKEA, and Amazon has continued to invest in the UK, which has led to maintaining a top positon in its industry.

The company states that the success it has achieved in the UK will likely influence more investment in other UK locations.  These further investments will drive more top talent to be relocated to the UK from overseas in addition to recruiting more local employees.

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