Has the future of relocations arrived early due to COVID?

The COVID crisis has led to a massive increase in working from home.

Many executives are finding that it works far better for them than they thought it would.  They are spending more time with their partners and children – and they are getting work done effectively without the time, stress and health disbenefits associated with commuting and business travel.

What might this mean for the future of relocation? 

Well, we’re seeing that new international moves are still required by our clients, but the assignees are all very happy working from home.

Also, assignees are requiring rental homes that are better suited to their new way of working.  For the most part, that means a home with a decent, separate home office space and robust broadband for video meetings.

Some are choosing beautiful locations with better amenities for the whole family and their new normal lifestyle.  With commuting much reduced and less business travel, it’s all very positive for the well-being of all peoples and our planet.

I’ve noticed that forward-thinking corporations are both encouraging and supporting this trend while also eyeing-up the potential, massive cost savings.  Expensive, corporate premises are looking increasingly expendable.

Are you finding anything similar is occurring in your organization?  If so we'd love to hear about it, so please get in touch.

Thank you for your hard work and commitment to excellence.

Esi Minta-Jacobs - New York