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Happiness in the workplace!

Great article about happiness in the workplace

I would say this wouldn’t I, but in my experience expats who receive great relocation support from their employer tend to be very happy, appreciative, and therefore more productive.

Consider a family that is relocated from the United States to the UK. It’s a big cultural adjustment. Almost every aspect of their lives will be different. The housing market is completely different. The educational system is completely different. Even the way you shop is quite different.

Many employers give basic destination support in terms of rental search and perhaps settling in assistance; but what about ongoing support after they’ve moved into their UK home? If the support stops at that point, the family can feel left high and dry.

There can be ongoing problems with the property which the landlord fails to fix. These types of issue can put a big strain on the family and therefore the assignee. Plus, for ordinary day-to-day matters, it is very helpful if the family have a single point of contact that they can call for support.

Ongoing support is very low cost in the scheme of things, and is generally very greatly appreciated. I strongly recommend it. Your assignees and their families will feel highly valued by your company, which can be priceless in reinforcing their loyalty to your brand.

Tony Coe,
CEO, Saunders 1865


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