Half of UK Tenants Fall Out With Their Landlord

Most common disputes revealed in new report

What can business leaders can do about it!

By: Ann Dinsdale, GMS,


New research points to the fact that nearly 50% of tenants in the private rental sector fall out with their landlord.

It also revealed that nearly 90% would consider moving and nearly 20% found their landlord completely unapproachable.  

The research highlighted the most common causes of disputes between a tenant and their landlord.  The top reasons were:

  • Damaged windows
  • Permission to decorate
  • Broken appliances
  • Blocked toilet
  • Cleaning of a dirty property

None of this came as a huge surprise to me! 

My team and I represent renters that have been moved to the UK (and globally) by their employers for business reasons. 

These employers (our corporate clients) recognise that problems with a rental home can damage an employee’s well-being - and this can seriously jeopardise the company’s business reasons for relocating them to the new location – i.e. their productivity suffers.

By paying the small cost of providing their employees with day-to-day support and representation, these employers make a wise investment that protects their bottom-line and, at the same time, enhances employee loyalty and retention.

Such support should ideally begin by doing some research on the landlord before signing a rental contract.  Is this a person we can rely on to uphold their side of the tenancy agreement? 

If they are not, the renter may still want to go ahead in spite of warnings because, being human, they’ve fallen emotionally for the home.  They MUST have it!  It then becomes doubly important that they are supported and represented by professionals that know all about tenant’s rights and can ensure the landlord lives up to their obligations.

As a side benefit, under Saunders 1865’s Ongoing Support and Tenancy Management service, we also include constant comprehensive support to the employees and their families

We are here for them – and for their employer – throughout their assignment to help them with all aspects of living in the new location – not just around property matters!  Employees greatly appreciate the fact that their employer cares so much about their happiness and well-being.

It makes them feel like VIPs.  It makes them feel highly valued and special.

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