Guide to TV, Internet and Phone Service in the UK

Keep up with all your favourite shows, easily work from home and skype family back home!

A breakdown and comparison for expats

                                                                                    By: Alicia Abdool



As a member of Saunders 1865’s London-based team of relocation support specialists, I help a lot of families move to the UK from other countries.  Many of the people I look after come from the United States and Canada.

I totally understand that having the right TV, internet and phone service is an important part of helping you to feel at home in your new place.

You may be wondering if you will be able to watch your favourite TV shows or sporting events from back home, or how you will stay in contact with family and friends.  We’re here to assist you in choosing and setting up the right services that will make your family comfortable and keep you connected.

In order to help corporate assignees moving to the UK select the TV, Broadband or Phone Service that’s right for them, Saunders 1865 has created a special guide with input from the community of expats that we’ve moved to the UK from overseas.  This guide compares the services that they have provided best.

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