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A new method for finding short term accommodation

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Disruptive services like Airbnb now offer credible alternatives to be considered alongside traditional short term accommodation providers for global assignments.

By short term, we mean for periods of up to 3 months.  But they can also be a useful alternative source of accommodation for longer term assignments too.

And they can play a useful role in those cases where keeping costs down is of paramount importance, provided that the assignee-experience is enhanced, not harmed.

Let’s look at some hard evidence.  For a 2 bedroomed apartment in the following major destinations, here are some quick examples of the cost savings that can be achieved.

Estimated Monthly Cost
 New York 
Corporate Housing 
Airbnb – Type

While the costs savings can be substantial, there are some potential pitfalls.  One of the biggest concerns is that sometimes the property does not match the description, or the owner is unresponsive.

In one reported case, an apartment was rented through Airbnb, but during the rental, the real owner of the property returned, wondering who was in his apartment.  In addition, some rentals are shared apartments, so there is no guarantee the owner has only rented to you.  

All of these issues can be managed.  The key is to make certain that you have a provider managing the process, one that is highly experienced in this brand new methodology for sourcing accommodation for business travellers. 

As always, it is the quality of the assignee experience that is key.  Opportunities to drive down costs are always welcome as long as the assignee’s well-being is not harmed.  Harming their well-being damages their productivity.  On this point, the quality of the direct support provided to the assignee is absolutely key.  

Hence why we talk so much about the importance of VIP-level support for every global move.  Experience proves that strong, front-line support make cost-saving measures much more acceptable to assignees.

At the very least, these new, constantly-improving alternative sources of global accommodation provide greater choice, which can only be a good thing.

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