Saunders 1865 | UK LEASE RENEWALS – it’s important to get them right

UK LEASE RENEWALS – it’s important to get them right

Lease renewals and extensions can be complex. It’s easy to miss a step & the implications can be expensive.

It’s therefore important that the Tenant should be professionally represented.

The Landlord is usually represented by a Letting Agent whose role is to get the best terms for the Landlord. The Tenant should also be professionally represented.

Here are some important considerations:

  • The whole lease should be thoroughly reviewed to determine exactly what needs to be done to extend or renew
  • The process needs to be started comfortably before (preferably at least a couple of months) the renewal date
  • Establish whether tenant has any concerns with the property that need resolving by landlord
  • Trigger any option to extend correctly in accordance with the lease provisions.
  • Negotiate best terms for renewal from the Tenant’s perspective, including any rent adjustment
  • Consider whether the extension or renewal triggers any Stamp Duty Land Tax that must be paid to HMRC by the Tenant
  • Ensure all paperwork is completed correctly
  • Diarize future crucial dates for notices, etc.

Read about our lease renewal program and contact us if you need our help with an upcoming lease renewal.

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