French TV Show Maker Moving to the UK

£42 Million to be invested motivated by favourable £££ exchange rate

The French producer Newen Group of hits like ‘Versailles’ and ‘Spiral’ are set to invest £42 million into developing new dramas in the UK.

The Managing Director, Christophe Nobileau, is correlating the move directly to the fall in the pound after Brexit which has reduced the cost of producing in the UK.  The favourable £££ exchange rate has certainly fuelled a substantial number of businesses moving to the UK since the people’s decision to leave the EU.

Employers & their talent are also finding that the slide in the British pound has made renting homes in the UK more affordable.  Most employers provide relocation support to ensure the most favourable terms are negotiated with Landlords.  Without that assistance, renters can be taken for a ride by Letting Agents who work for Landlords, yet still charge fees to Tenants #NoFeesForKeys

The Paris-based firm has already opened an office in London and is actively looking for new series to produce.

Leader of Distribution for Newen, Malika Abdellaoui, said, “We believe that it is the perfect time to be proactive in the UK, offering producers cash at an early stage, rapid decision-making and privileged access to major continental European markets.”

The move is a great example of creative groups continuing to invest in and move people to a post-Brexit UK.

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