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Out in the Fields

Shavuot (which is tomorrow on June 4) commemorates when the Jews received the Torah, but it also marks the end of the spring barley harvest and beginning of the summer wheat harvest: that’s right, summer. So in honour of Shavuot this week for those celebrating, and in honour of a hopefully sunny summer for everyone, here are some farms near London you can visit to get a taste of this season of growth whether you want to walk in orchards, eat fresh veggies, or pet the animals.

Hackney City Farm (Haggerston)
Has an excellent café, animals, a pottery studio, beekeeping courses, a garden and more!

Mudchute Park and Farm (Isle of Dogs)
One of London’s largest farms, includes a duck pond, petting zoo, equestrian centre, fields and once again, more!

Spitalfields City Farm (Brick Lane/Spitalfields)
Hang out with the animals, take a cookery class, or pick your own veg, this farm is just a stone’s toss from Brick Lane.

Stepney City Farm (Stepney Green)
This farm is completely volunteer-run and education-focused, so a great choice for anyone bringing the kids along! They run workshops and classes in everything from blacksmithing to animal husbandry, so it could be fun for all ages.

Vauxhall City Farm (Vauxhall)
Despite being in the midst of the city, this farm includes riding stables, a duck pond, an ecology garden, spinning/weaving classes, animals and, you guessed it, even more!


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