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Feathers Will Fly

Team Recommendation for Expats: Join in the Pillow Fight at Trafalgar Square!

This Saturday, April 5, is International Pillow Fight Day. The London event will take place in Trafalgar Square, despite the Mayor’s Office warning that parts of the square may be closed for maintenance. International Pillow Fight Day last year was the largest flash mob event ever, with thousands of people across the globe participating (about 5,000 in New York alone). The event is fun and suitable for people of all ages. There are only two rules: don’t hit anyone with a camera and don’t hit anyone without a pillow. This enables you to surrender at any point by dropping your pillow and encourages participants to play nice. Even so, feathers will be flying all over the world on Saturday as pillows burst at well over 90 organized events.

Some tips from the event organizers involve bringing cheap (soft!) pillows, hitting gently, letting someone know if their pillow is too hard, removing your pillow along with yourself when you’re done and, of course, have fun! Past participants have recommended bringing pillows to St. James Park for a nap after the fight, or giving it away to someone in need.

The event is part of the Urban Playground Movement which seeks to create fun and social events in the public areas of cities so that people of all ages can play and come together rather than the usual passive, non-social use of public spaces which the movement feels is becoming increasingly consumer-driven.


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