Saunders 1865 | Fashion Giant to Make a Limited London Return!

Fashion Giant to Make a Limited London Return!

Christine Hall-The Relocation Guru- here with more relo gossip.

The fashion house of Alexander McQueen is relocating from Paris to London for one season only!

Not only is McQueen one of my favourite designers but the fashion giants are worn by A-listers all over the world.  Let’s just say the fashion industry is buzzing with excitement of this short-term relocation!

The house of the late great founder, Lee McQueen, is set to showcase its fall/winter 2016 collection at London Fashion Week in February. With mixed emotions surrounding the relocation to London, as it is the birthplace of its beloved founder, this is one show that many, including myself, will not want to miss.

London is home to some of the biggest designers in the world and is a destination hotspot for leading fashion houses looking to make their mark in the textile industry.  No doubt the McQueen team is set to rock London and the fashion world in the new year.  I speak on behalf of the entire London and textile industry when saying, WELCOME HOME MCQUEEN!

The best global employers retain my firm to look after talents when they relocate to London.  We help them through the whole process of searching for the right home and making sure the rental contract, (no matter the length of the tenancy) is fair to the Tenant and protects their interests.

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