Early Termination of a UK Rental Contract

How to get out of a Tenancy Agreement

By: Ann Dinsdale, GMS - Senior Vice President


Business needs sometimes dictate that a UK lease or tenancy agreement must be terminated early because an employee must be relocated elsewhere.

At Saunders 1865 – The VIP Relocation Company - we have a specific Departure Program to assist employers and tenants with all the tasks and obligations that need to be attended to in order to bring rental contracts to an end efficiently and correctly.

If we handled the lease set up, then there will almost certainly be a break clause which we can trigger on the tenant’s behalf by properly serving the required notice on the landlord.  However, there are other situations where a lease will need to be terminated before the tenancy agreement comes to a natural end.

When it comes to an ending a tenancy prematurely, it’s not as simple as merely packing up your bags and walking away!  Careful consideration must be paid to the process of terminating the tenancy and, in the absence of a break clause, this will need to be done by negotiation with the landlord.  When that negotiation is concluded it will need to be ratified in a written contract called a “Deed of Surrender”.  This document will confirm the terms upon which the parties have voluntarily agreed to bring the tenancy to an end.  Do not rely on informal communications!

Once a Landlord has verbally agreed to surrender a tenancy you will then need to obtain written consent.  It is extremely important to have documentary evidence that shows you have permission to vacate the property.

**It is important to be aware that the tenant's obligations under the lease continue until the surrender deal has been concluded.  Those obligations include not only paying the rent but also looking after the property in a tenant-like manner as prescribed by law and as set out in the tenancy agreement.**

The obligation to continue to look after the property is one that is often forgotten about by employers and departing tenants generally.  If the business needs the employee to quit the home early to relocate elsewhere, someone must be appointed to manage the property until the landlord accepts it back via the surrender process.

The team at Saunders 1865 can handle the whole surrender process for you in addition to every other aspect of an employee’s departure from a rental home – in the UK and anywhere else in the world.

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