Dyson makes huge investment in the UK

(as global relocation firm reports unprecedented numbers moving to London for business)

Is this the biggest investment in the UK by a tech company since the Brexit vote?

According to a report in today’s Times, Dyson, the technology company, will build a 500-acre campus dedicated to artificial intelligence and robotics as part of a £2.5 billion plan to take on giants such as Google and Facebook. The article describes this move as the “Cotswolds’ answer to the 175-acre Apple Park in California”.

Famous for high-end vacuum cleaners, Dyson appears to be taking a quantum leap into the world of robotics, artificial intelligence, and battery technology. Is the company planning to get involved in building driverless electric cars?

Undoubtedly this is another huge vote of confidence in post-Brexit Britain, one in an impressive succession of decisions by global firms that favour the UK as their location of choice for business growth.

As The Times also reports, Apple recently confirmed that it was moving into large offices in London’s new Battersea Power Station development; Google said it would build a huge new London HQ that will increase its UK workforce to around 7,000. And similar decisions have been made by Facebook, Amazon, and IBM to name just a few names from just the world of tech. For sure, big names from many other industries have also chosen the UK for their expansion plans.

This mirrors what we’re experiencing at Saunders 1865, the global relocation company that provides VIP-level support to businesses moving their key talent internationally. Founder and CEO, Tony Coe said, “We are moving more families to the UK from overseas, for more global businesses than ever before. These companies are moving highly skilled talent to Britain and paying them very well. This has to be fantastic news for the UK economy.”

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