Dimension Data Chooses London for Global HQ

   CEO Snubs Paris in Favour of “Better Suited” London – but will his staff agree?

                                                           By: Christine Hall, GMS - Managing Director


Couple move in londonI recently watched this interview where Jason Goodall, CEO of major tech firm Dimensions Data explains why London would be a better location for the global HQ of his company than Paris. 

Jason cites many reasons why London is his location of choice.  Not only is there a large pool of talent, he says, particularly from a technological perspective but London is one of the most accessible cities in the world.

He highlights the important fact that you can travel from London’s Heathrow airport to over 180 countries.  That’s a major plus for businesses as well as for the employees who are asked to relocate to London.

And, as he says, that plain truth is, people want to live in London.  The city boasts some of the best schools, hospitals and other facilities and lifestyle enhancers.  It’s an easy sell when it comes to persuading staff to move.   

As Goodall states “London has ticked all of these boxes, so is better suited to fit the companies purpose.  Whilst Paris is certainly important for local business, London has always been the preferred choice.” 

When persuading staff to move internationally, it’s important to ensure they are well supported throughout the relocation process. Their possible objections (e.g. cost of living in London) need to be skilfully handled and they will need help to make sure their rental budget stretches as far as it can. 

Relocating staff will need help selecting the right area to live in.  That’s crucial.  And when searching for a rental home, they’ll need a relocation professional who can guide them through the minefields that are part and parcel of the UK housing market.  A relocation expert will negotiate the lowest possible rent and the best rental contract terms for them and their Employer.

The best Employers know that providing high quality, hi-touch relocation support is good for their bottom-line.  It enhances retention and productivity.  Employees are made to feel highly valued.  A summary of the types of relocation support services that the best companies provide can be found here

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