Did Brexit REALLY mean Brexit?  We'll soon find out!

 Big news from the UK Government   

                        UK General Election on 8 June     

               Written by Tony Coe, Founder & CEO of Saunders 1865 

Office of A prime minister in Uk On Tuesday, 18 April, the media were on tenterhooks when No. 10 Downing Street indicated that there would be a major announcement by the Prime Minister at 11:15 am. There was even speculation whether it would be about Theresa May’s health!

However, exactly on time, came the surprising announcement that there would be a snap General Election on June 8th subject to a vote in Parliament today.  This requires a two-thirds majority of MPs to vote in favour, which is thought to be a foregone conclusion.

We think this is a smart move by Theresa May.  It sends this strong message: it’s time to put the Brexit argument to bed once and for all, to create greater certainty and stability, which can only be good for business.

The stance of the Remain side (the so-called Brexit Re-moaners), since last June, has been this:  if the public had not been told a pack of “porky pies” by the Leave side, they would never have voted to leave.  

The Prime Minister is now offering the country what is effectively a 2nd Referendum, and one that, by all indications, she should win hands down.

In spite of the back and forth on what Brexit will mean for Britain’s economy, we’ve seen many global corporations continuing to back the UK by vowing to keep or expand their presence in the UK.  We’ve also seen the UK economy performing strongly in the wake of the Brexit vote, against all the predictions of doom and gloom from Remainers.

As Theresa May says, every vote for her Party in the General Election will strengthen her negotiating position with the EU when it comes to securing the best divorce settlement for the UK.   


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