Corbyn’s Labour Manifesto Agrees:

Tenant Fees Must be Banned!

Tory Government & HM Opposition are aligned on this issue

Renters should not be held over a barrel by Letting Agents any longer

But the ban must have teeth to be effective – so join the campaign #NoFeesForKeys – REGISTER TODAY

The Labour Party has published its full manifesto for the upcoming General Election on June 8.  In it Jeremy Corbyn’s party’s outlines its plans for the Private Rented Sector. 

It confirmed that Labour and Mr Corbyn back the Government’s intention to introduce a new law to ban Letting Agents from charging fees to Tenants.

But to make sure that the ban is effective, Tenants need to make sure they respond to the Government’s Consultation survey before 2 June 17.  The same applies to everyone who cares about a fair deal for renters in the UK.

This short video explains what you need to do and how to be part of the #NoFeesForKeys campaign.  REGISTER NOW!

Renters have this once in a lifetime opportunity to leave Government in no doubt that the proposed ban on Tenant fees should be implemented, without dilution or loopholes.
But there’s not much time left to make your feelings known.

Please share this info everywhere using #NoFeesForKeys

Please do get in touch if you require further info.