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Clooney Down for Downton?

As actor George Clooney prepares to remarry, the media and fans everywhere are wondering where the star will tie the knot. Rumour has it Clooney already has plans to relocate to this side of the pond to be closer to his London-based fiancé, lawyer Amal Alamuddin, so it seems plausible the couple will wed in England. The latest venue to catch the couple’s attention is Highclere Castle, the set of the award-winning series Downton Abbey.
While different media outlets can’t seem to agree whether the venue has been confirmed or not, Clooney and Alamuddin got a private tour of the grounds as a special favour from Clooney’s co-star Hugh Bonneville (in Monuments Men, Bonneville also stars as Lord Grantham in Downton Abbey).Alamuddin is reportedly a huge fan of the show and was swept away by the castle’s beautiful grounds, leading Clooney to inquire about the costs and security options for hosting their wedding there.
Highclere has hosted weddings before (with a starting price tag of $23,000 just to hire a part of the castle for a night). The castle not only boasts the magical background for Lady Mary Crawley’s wedding in the series, but an award winning chef and Egyptian antiques collection.  Sounds like more than enough to keep the wedding guests entertained.


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