City dwellers head for the villages - but I never imagined we'd ever do it

Tony Coe - Founder & Chief Executive

According to the latest stats from the biggest UK property portal, Rightmove, a massive trend has started among city dwellers wanting to move out to the villages.  My wife, Christine and I, are a case in point.

"In less than four weeks, as a result of COVID, we moved lock stock and barrel out of the centre of London into a beautiful, quintessential English village in The Cotswolds.  We even purchased a narrowboat to go along with it, a fact which has all our American friends fascinated!  We'll be talking about every aspect of our relocation to the sticks (and huge life transformation) on our new show, People & Property - a Relocation Podcast"

Tony & Christine outside the Albert Hall

Like so many, we've found working from home absolutely no problem at all.  Not having to spend so much of our lives fighting through commuter traffic has improved our productivity and quality of life immeasurably.

According to recent surveys, large numbers of people have found the same.  They are happier, healthier and more productive working out of their home offices.  Employers too have been waking up to the business advantages.

Pershore, Worcestershire

As homes become the new offices, there's been a noticeably bigger demand for our VIP ongoing support service which saves employees so much time in terms of handling issues around their rental homes.  It also provides employers with ongoing support for each managed lease which saves them from racking up time-based fees.  It also acts as a great recruitment and retention tool for businesses.

It's going to be fascinating seeing how "the new normal" affects where assignees choose to live and work.

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Over the many months we worked together, your insight and expertise was essential to the success of this big move for our family. You helped us find the perfect home (wonderful location, plenty of space!) and a great school (very welcoming!), and you helped us navigate the subtle cultural and procedural differences in establishing a home in the UK.

Nathalee Ghafouri, California, USA