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Choosing the right area is important when moving overseas

When being moved overseas, one of the first things your assignee needs Couple choose to relocate in londonto decide is, where they should live.

And many times they end up with far too many areas on their wish list.  Consequently, precious time can be wasted looking at numerous locations without any proper focus.

Before they can really start looking at potential rental homes, they need to choose one location that suits their individual needs, including such considerations as:

  •          Their rental budget
  •          Daily commute
  •          Location of good schools
  •          Leisure activities, etc, etc

In order to choose a location efficiently, it is best to opt for a pre-home finding orientation conducted by a local expert.

Preparations for the orientation should start BEFORE the family travel to the new location for their housing trip.  And during these preparations, they should be given some good, advance information on areas they might like to consider based on all their lifestyle needs and preferences.

Our AREA REPORTS PORTAL is a good place to start.  It provides access to reports packed full of great information on:

London Areas   Other Areas of the UK  Other Global cities 

If you’d like to discuss our VIP-level Pre-Home Finding Orientation service, do contact us.

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