Chinese Electric Car Start-Up ‘Future Mobility’

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And I wish them every success!

                                                                By: Tony Coe


On any given day you can find me buzzing around the streets of London in our new electric company car – the BMW i3.  I affectionately call it the ‘Lecky Bubble’ and it’s such fun to drive – plus it’s a bonus that driving an electric car is great for the environment!  Here’s a photo of Lecky Bubble:


I love the fact that electric vehicles (EV) are becoming increasingly popular in the UK because they are making London an even more attractive place to live and work.  And, as relocation professionals, selling life in London is part of what we do for our corporate clients – not that London needs much selling because it’s just such a fantastic city!

EVs are one of the quickest ways to make the air cleaner and our city quieter and safer.  Long term, this trend, along with driverless technology, promises to reduce the number of vehicles on roads everywhere.  This is because it seems inevitable that car ownership will become less attractive as we move to a CaaS (cars as a service) model.  When we can all order a driverless taxi from our smart phones there will be no need to own a car.  The car will drop us off at our destination and then disappear to a charging station or on to pick up its next customer.  Corporations are piling into this exciting new space from all over the globe.

And now comes the aptly named Future Mobility Corp (FMC), a Chinese electric-car maker considered one of Tesla’s challengers in China.  They will begin taking global sales reservations after unveiling their first concept car in January 2018.

Chinese electric-car maker The start-up, that has set its sights on competing with Tesla on a global scale, said its first car is designed to not only meet safety requirements in China but also in the United States and Europe.

Future Mobility is now looking to the UK for sales of its EV which is expected to hit the market in 2019.  It looks like their EV will be attractively priced too.

As FMC grows, they will be relocating potentially thousands of people to their new Chinese location.  FMC’s CEO, Daniel Kircher, has truly embraced the local culture – He has been vocal about his love for tea and has gone as far as to learn Chinese.  However, it may not be that easy to convince his employees to move halfway across the world to join FMC in China.

It’s always important to plan your global moves carefully for your employees.  There are many things you need to cover at both ends of the move, particularly when moving to a culturally different place.  Moving fails cost corporations a lot of money, both in expenses and lost productivity.

As international relocation specialists, the experts at Saunders 1865 – The VIP Relocation Company – can help you avoid making the common mistakes and we can make sure you accomplish everything that needs to be done around managing:

  • Your departure from your home country – including dealing with all the matters associated with what you’re going to do about your home; and
  • Your arrival in the overseas location – including choosing where you want to live & getting happily settled into your new life there.

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