Brexit Update:

What will happen & where are employers moving their peeps to?

A warning about Paris!

It’s a right old mess, isn’t it?  Prime Minister, Teresa May, has reached an impasse with the EU, with members of her own party and with most of Parliament.  It is difficult to see a way out of this mess.

Nobody can predict what will happen.  The clock is ticking and, as matters stand, in just over 40 days time the UK will leave the EU without a deal.  Meanwhile, the endless arguments rail between those who want to leave the EU, those who want to remain in it, and those who wanted to finish up somewhere in the middle.

Business leaders have been holding back on making decisions to relocate their people and operations in hopes that the politicians would work all this out and restore some certainty to our lives.  That prospect now seems remote.

Unsurprisingly, the urgent calls are now coming into our team in London to get ready to support some VIP employees that will need to be moved overseas – and quickly. Understandably, these businesses want to be certain that their people can secure good rental homes quickly in the destination cities – also school places for their children, etc.

The problem is, we are already seeing the effects of pent-up demand from families being moved to the most popular destination cities.  Take Paris for example, where rental properties are in huge demand now with multiple people competing for the same homes in many cases.

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Very professional service. Highly value added partner to our company and greatly assisted us in finding a new home in a difficult, expensive international location. The entire staff was highly responsive, and it was made clear they were working hard for the individual family both in terms of sourcing housing, negotiating with landlords/agents and handling all the small details. 

Matthew  Legg, Texas