Brexit update

Uncertainty impacts assignees lives & employers' relocation costs

The UK Government has finally accepted publicly that the UK won’t be able to leave the EU on October 31st as repeatedly promised by Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

Consequently, the agony of Brexit indecision and dithering continues to hang over our corporate clients and their assignees.  In many cases, especially with financial services firms, Brexit moves to EU hub cities have already been initiated and are in mid-process.  It may come to pass that all those moves were essential but it’s probably just as likely to come to pass in the end that they were never necessary. 

As such, employers and employees are having to keep a foot in each camp.  The cost implications for employers are obvious.

Given that the UK has no effective Government in place, it looks like the only way out of this chronic mess is a General Election, but currently, the Opposition will not allow one.  And, even if there was a General Election, it’s far from clear that it would result in a Government with a working majority in Parliament.

Thus, we in the world of business are left trying to juggle all these Brexit relocations while doing our best to keep our clients’ options open for as long as possible.

Right now, all eyes are on the EU leaders to see what (if any) length of extension (short or long) they will grant to the UK  But they too are dithering even over that!

If you need help supporting any Brexit moves, my team is here to help.  Don’t hesitate to reach out.  We have every need covered.

Please do get in touch if you require further info.

We have had a wonderful experience working with Saunders 1865.  We came in with high expectations based on feedback from others we know that had worked with your team, and those expectations were exceeded. Saunders 1865 has been wonderful throughout the whole process - very responsive, providing great guidance and with a wonderful attitude.  It was a phenomenal tour guide and shuttled us through over 30 flats until we found the perfect one! A fantastic experience that frankly has been the highlight of our relocation process.

Christopher Borin, New York