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Where are firms relocating their talent to in the EU?

While the Brexit political pantomime continues…..
It seems that the UK government couldn’t negotiate its way out of a paper bag!  

The day before yesterday on the eve of the second “meaningful vote” in Parliament on her largely hated Withdrawal Agreement, the Prime Minister, Theresa May, flew to Strasbourg.  In the weeks since the first “meaningful vote” and her crushing defeat in Parliament, she had achieved not one iota of progress in securing changes to the Agreement with the EU – an Agreement that she herself had signed off and highly commended to the House.
Now at the 11th hour, she ran cap in hand to the EU in a desperate attempt to secure some/ANY change to the Agreement that she could present the next day to the House.  Finally, she announced that she had achieved changes that were “legally binding” on the EU.   

But within hours, her own Attorney General, Geoffrey Cox QC, had shot her claim down in flames.  His damning verdict was an outright contradiction of her claim.  What competent leader, let alone Prime Minister, would make such an important announcement without FIRST checking with the government’s leading lawyer?
Surely, Theresa May has now lost all credibility and authority.  How can she now be trusted to steer the UK through the rest of the Brexit journey - a voyage which promises to be long and seriously challenging?
Meanwhile, while this political pantomime continues, business leaders have to make decisions to protect their interests.  For banks and financial services firms particularly, these decisions have become crucial and urgent.

What EU cities are firms relocating their talent to? 
Here are the cities that major firms are moving their people to.  If you click on the city’s name, you can request our free area report on that destination.

•    Dublin
•    Luxembourg
•    Paris
•    Frankfurt
•    Amsterdam

My team provides VIP relocation support in these cities and we are geared up to assist with senior moves at a moment’s notice.  Don’t hesitate to reach out to us anytime using our Contact Form.

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I appreciate all of your assistance over the last few months and I am very grateful to have had you and your team advocating for me….I think this would have been nearly impossible without you!

Patricia Koulogeorge, Illinois