Brexit Moves To Madrid?

                                                                                 Renting there & other EU cities

                                                                                  By: Tony Coe, Founder & CEO


One Brexit destination city that’s been less talked about is Madrid.

Madrid is the vibrant, historical, capital city located in the centre of Spain.  The Spanish people are outgoing and friendly.  Madrid is also one of the several financial centres in Europe hoping to draw business from London.  Spanish authorities have put together a package of benefits designed to lure companies looking to escape any potential loss of passporting rights post-Brexit. 

The market for rental homes in Madrid is fast-paced with quite high rents.  However, our local professionals are still securing good rental homes for a monthly rent of up to €3000.  That said, rents for fine homes can go up to €11000.  Our local experts find and secure executive rental homes across all price ranges in any EU city.

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The representatives at Saunders 1865, went above and beyond the call of duty to secure our home in the UK. Persevering through multiple setbacks, stops and starts, and various levels of renegotiation the team was able to walk the fine line between my organisation and the landlord ensuring that all parties were well informed throughout the process. During the process I looked to Saunders 1865 for their experience and advise and was not disappointed. My thanks to the entire team for seeing this process through to a successful completion, it has made a world of difference to myself and my family as we settle in to a new country.

Jason Peel, Toronto

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