Brexit Divorce –

It Looks Like the Government Will Need Relocation Advice!

Brussels Demands UK Pays to Relocate London EU Agencies

A leaked plan from the European Commission’s Brexit negotiation mandate (the alleged ‘Brexit Bill’) revealed that the EU expects the UK to pay all costs for relocating two London-based EU agencies.

The European Banking Authority (EBA) and European Medicines Agency (EMA) employ over 900 personnel in the London-based office in the Docklands.  More than 20 EU countries are expected to bid for the transfer of the EU nationals to their shores.

Initially, British representatives indicated that the agencies potentially wouldn’t need to be relocated inside the EU.  However, this was quickly rejected by senior leaders across Europe.  It seems that the EU will push for the relocation and for Britain to cover the costs as well.

To add offense to injury, the leaked document also noted that the financial obligations – which are estimated at €60 billion – will be calculated in euro rather than sterling.  A difficult thing to swallow considering the value in the pound’s value since Brexit.

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