Brexit Britain’s Corporate Exodus

How are employers coping with the employee moves?

                                                                            By: Tony Coe, Founder & CEO


Government flag in UKAs the UK government lurches uncertainly towards the Brexit, businesses are realizing that they need to get on with protecting their revenues against the worst potential outcome, a no deal scenario or so-called “hard” Brexit.  This means moving employees to locations inside the EU. 

Time is getting short and the deadline date of 29 March 2019 will be on top of us before we know it!  My team is now handling an increasing number of such moves to EU cities from the UK and from numerous foreign locations around the world.  All this movement is causing a lot of additional pressure on the HR and relocation staff in businesses.  Business leaders are expecting these moves to happen on time and on budget.  They also expect their employees to remain productive through the transition.

Relocation of Human resources in EuropeOften business leaders forget or underestimate the degree of preparation and support that are needed to make these international moves happen successfully.  There are employee well-being issues for the people that are being asked to move and their families.  And the same applies to the HR and relocation people that are responsible for making sure these international moves are 100% successfully.



Those organizations that care passionately about the well-being of their workers are being realistic and making sure that all the required support is in place.  This means working with external partners like Saunders 1865 to ensure that all bases are covered.

Here are some examples of issues that need to be covered for all these international relocations of staff and their families.

Departure from their home country

relocation of employee in europeEmployees are being asked to up sticks and move abroad at short notice.  A relocation professional should be put in touch with them as quickly as possible to discuss their needs and concerns.  The importance of this initial conversation can’t be overemphasised.  It should make them feel entirely confident that they will be fully supported throughout the move.

Part of this conversation will address the issue of their current home in the country they are leaving.  If they are renting, a relocation professional will need to review the lease and establish what needs to be done to terminate it in the proper manner and in the least costly way.  If they own their home, what are their plans for it?  Will they rent it out or sell it?  Whatever they decide, how will that be managed given the required timing of their move abroad?

The relocation expert will be able to tease out any potential roadblocks which can then be discussed with the employer to make sure the employee is supported in every way possible to make the move a success for everyone.

Arriving in the destination within the EU

Newly lives family in the EUROPE

And this same initial conversation should certainly extend to any questions or concerns they have regarding how they will establish their new lives in the EU city.  If they know the city very well already, they may need less support.  But most cases involve a lot of questions at this stage and it’s important to answer them fully and frankly.



Will they need an orientation or pre-home finding trip to make sure they’ll be happy in the new city and to help them decide on a specific area for their rental search?  Will they go into temporary accommodation first?  If so, for how long?  Is this a family with children that need school search assistance?

The relocation expert will explore all these issues and then come up with a recommended, costed plan for the relocation support.

Saunders 1865 provides all this kind of support day in, day out.  We’ve been doing it successfully for more than 3 decades.  To start a conversation with my team, call email or simply complete this contact form

It would have been very difficult for us to manage our London house hunt on our own. From making a large number of appointments to providing helpful in-person tours to negotiating the lease terms, the Saunders 1865 team was incredibly helpful and efficient.

Nathalee Ghafouri, California