After a garbled exit plan that left the industry in the dark, the UK released the brakes for English moves

Renters and buyers can start looking at available homes again provided the distancing rules are strictly observed.

However, we’ve not had a similar announcement from the devolved jurisdictions, i.e. Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

They are taking a more cautious approach.

Government guidance recommends that virtual tours should take place first to eliminate unsuitable homes to avoid the need for unnecessary physical inspections.

There’s a lot of pent up demand! It’s all systems GO as we handle the influx of authorization from corporate clients and, of course, we’re making sure that distancing rules are observed to keep our clients safe.

We’ve also been receiving a lot of questions about the rules.

Do get in touch if anything is unclear.

I enjoyed the services obtained from Saunders. I thought they were useful both before arriving in London as well during the relocation process.

Dilet Matus, Istanbul-Turkey