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Christine Hall here – Your VIP Relocation Guru! Christine-Hall

I just read an article about the super rich choosing to rent short term service apartments in London over hotels, because they get a lot more accommodation for their money.  No kidding?!

I find that my VIP clients also much prefer staying in a place that feels more like a real London home.  But you don’t have to restrict yourself to serviced apartments which also very often feel more like hotels than homes!  When I’m searching for my clients, I look at ALL sources, including all the new internet sites which allow property owners to rent out their fantastic properties, competing directly with aparthotels & serviced flat companies.  The values by comparison can be incredible!

But it’s a lot of work, so wealthy clients like to hire a firm like mine to do all the research & legwork for them!

To find out the secret to how celebs & other VIPs find short term, lovely homes in London at fantastic rental rates, call my London office on 020 7590 2700.

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