Saunders 1865 | ‘Bad Neighbours’ echoes classic relocation obstacles

‘Bad Neighbours’ echoes classic relocation obstacles

I know you’re supposed to separate work and play, but recently watching the Seth Rogen and Zac Efron movie ‘Bad Neighbours’ echoes classic relocation obstacles had me thinking about work. The movie is about a young couple that have just had their first child and are adjusting to their new life as parents. They’re quite excited at first when they see a moving truck, hoping for new neighbours that they can connect with and that may have a similar lifestyle to them; instead they’re greeted by an American fraternity infamous for their parties. Watching this play out one wonders: hello, a fraternity living next to a new born baby? They’ll keep the baby up at night and she’ll work them up in the morning, it’s a recipe for disaster. How does no one see that coming?
Of course, someone did see it coming: the real estate agent. They knew they were selling the fraternity a property in a family neighborhood that likely wouldn’t welcome them, and I’m guessing they failed to mention the new born alarm clock next door since no university students I know want to live near a screaming baby. But they wanted to make a sale, and new born baby isn’t good marketing. Then once the sale is made, the tenants of both properties are just left on their own to deal with each other. Too bad they didn’t have Saunders 1865 ongoing support and tenancy management, right? We’re veterans in dealing with noisy neighbours, and more importantly, taking the tenants’ side, because no one else seems to. If only Mac and Kelly could have called Ann or Charmine rather than waging guerrilla warfare on their neighbours…it would’ve been a much less entertaining movie, but realistically a more desirable outcome. You can find out more about this in our property matters article, here.
As for the movie itself, once I got over the obvious ties to my work at Saunders 1865 and dealing with tenants, I quite enjoyed it. It’s a bit over the top, as most Seth Rogen movies are, but if you know what you’re getting it’s definitely worth a watch. Check out Odeon and Vue’s websites for movie times, or watch the trailer here.

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