Saunders 1865 | ANOTHER TIP FOR UK RENTERS: some Landlords take liberties.

ANOTHER TIP FOR UK RENTERS: some Landlords take liberties.

When are Landlords allowed to coming to your home?

This is a question that’s raised a lot by our community of renters.  And it’s become a matter of concern to The Property Ombudsman who oversees the conduct of some UK rental agents.

Unfortunately, many rental agents are not part of The Property Ombudsman scheme and are, therefore, not governed by the code of conduct.  In the UK there’s no licensing of estate agents.  Just about anyone can go into business as a rental agent overnight!

So when can a Landlord (or representative of the Landlord) come into your home? 

The first place to look is in your rental contract (Tenancy Agreement).  Usually, it will state that you should be given at least 24 hours’ notice before any attendance.  Better yet, it will state that it must be by prior appointment that must be confirmed in writing.

In any event, The Ombudsman says that rental agents can no longer simply assume your consent.  The means the agent should write to you and receive your written agreement before entering the premises.

We recommend that, if you receive any requests for access, refer to your Tenancy Agreement and make sure that what’s being proposed is reasonable and, more important, convenient for you.

However, please note, if it’s a genuine emergency situation, you must allow immediate access.

If you have any questions about Landlord’s accessing your UK home, or if you’d like to consult with one of our Renter Advocates about your own situation, please CLICK HERE for our contact form.

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