Saunders 1865 | Add Some Colour to Your Bank Holiday Weekend

Add Some Colour to Your Bank Holiday Weekend

If you didn’t get enough with the Easter bank holiday, fear not: May has not just one, but two bank holidays! The first of which is next Monday May 5, the early May bank holiday, held early to fall near May Day. Here are some team recommendations for how to spend the bank holiday weekend, either with your family or on your own:

  • Experience Spain en Londres! – Ever heard of Campo Viejo? If you haven’t walk in to your local supermarket or pub and it’s unlikely you won’t find a bottle. The Spanish winemakers are hosting a four day event in the Southbank Centre featuring both Spanish culture and cuisine. Enjoy the food from Barcelona’s famous La Boqueria, blend your own Rioja, test your wine-tasting abilities or enjoy the art and other cultural exhibitions. (Friday-Monday)
  • Canalway CavalcadeInland Waterways Association brings you this colourful display of canal boats in Little Venice, a truly British tradition that’s taken place since 1983, complete with real ales, morris dancers and family activities. Check out a scheduled event or just turn up and enjoy the atmosphere, free of charge! (Saturday-Monday)
  • Coffin Dodgers Disco– There are plenty of 18+ parties around London, but for those looking to party with a more mature crowd the Phoenix will be hosting this month’s Coffin Dodger Disco (the first Friday of every month), a strictly 28+ affair. Whether you’re older and ready to grumble or want to hit the dance floor without someone who looks like they still live at home twerking away in front of you, these middle aged plus events have gotten rave reviews. (Friday)
  • Fiesta time- Monday is Cinco de Mayo, often mistakenly known as Mexican Independence Day (which actually falls in December). Cinco de Mayo commemorates the Battle of Puebla and is a celebration of Mexican pride and heritage. It’s mostly celebrated in USA and Mexico, but some celebrations have made it across the sea. Grab a drink or some Mexican cuisine and join the celebrations! (Monday)
  • Hackney Flea Market– Pick up bits and bobs, knick knacks and paddywacks at the Hackney Flea Market which runs once every month, incidentally during this bank holiday weekend. To read more about London’s street markets you can click here to read our article. (Until Sunday)

Have a great weekend!

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