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    As a new cable car crosses the Thames and the Olympic Flame makes its first London touch-down in the borough, Greenwich is definitely the place to be this summer... The Royal Borough of Greenwich has always had a lot going for it – after all, it’s where time began, or at least Greenwich Mean Time.  But this summer the area…

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  • Is Richmond’s celebrity population about to grow?

    The Richmond rumour mill has gone into overdrive recently with the breaking news that Jennifer Aniston and her beaux Justin Theroux might be house-hunting in the borough for the duration of Jennifer’s forthcoming London shoot.  She’s just about to start filming a new comedy drama, Miss You Already, in the capital. Could this lead to a few awkward encounters?  Among…

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  • A little fun on the Underground

    "Peak hours may necessitate that you let other people sit on your lap" Sound familiar? If you frequent the London Underground you are probably used to train cars so full you feel like a sardine. We came across this page full of Underground signs doctored by creative commuters and guerrilla artists and could not resist sharing with you! Some of…

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  • Robert Redford to visit London Docklands

    Say the word Sundance and most people (at least, of a certain age...) conjure up a mental image of Robert Redford as the Sundance Kid, larking about with Paul Neman, aka Butch Cassidy, on bicycles in the pouring rain.  Or later in the film, as the two men succumb to hail of bullets on their ill-fated flight towards the Mexican…

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  • Ann Dinsdale, GMS – 25 YEARS with Saunders 1865

    Saunders 1865 presented Ann Dinsdale, GMS, Senior Vice President - Client Services, with a Tiffany necklace and an engraved cut glass vase at a special evening celebration to mark her 25 years with the firm. CEO, Tony Coe said, “Ann’s loyal, dedicated service has been a major contributor to the outstanding success or our relocation business.  I am immensely proud…

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  • An IPHONE APP recommendation from Saunders 1865 UK Relocation’s CEO, Tony Coe

    After years of vowing never to have email on my mobile phone, I finally succumbed a couple of months ago and acquired an IPHONE 4S, which I LOVE! Of course, I’ve since discovered the world of “apps” and I’ve just installed VIBER which is brilliant – I highly recommend it! It is a free VOIP service which lets you make…

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