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  • Ann Dinsdale, GMS – 25 YEARS with Saunders 1865

    Saunders 1865 presented Ann Dinsdale, GMS, Senior Vice President - Client Services, with a Tiffany necklace and an engraved cut glass vase at a special evening celebration to mark her 25 years with the firm. CEO, Tony Coe said, “Ann’s loyal, dedicated service has been a major contributor to the outstanding success or our relocation business.  I am immensely proud…

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  • An IPHONE APP recommendation from Saunders 1865 UK Relocation’s CEO, Tony Coe

    After years of vowing never to have email on my mobile phone, I finally succumbed a couple of months ago and acquired an IPHONE 4S, which I LOVE! Of course, I’ve since discovered the world of “apps” and I’ve just installed VIBER which is brilliant – I highly recommend it! It is a free VOIP service which lets you make…

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