13 Lifehack Apps for Londoners

Expat Approved for Life in the Capital

By: Alicia Abdool,


Just recently, we had a debate in our office over the use of WhatsApp in the US.  Our US colleague claims, “Nobody uses WhatsApp in the States!” but we’ve heard differently from our US clients who swear by it!

More than likely back home you used apps on your phone to make your life a bit easier for going out on the town or getting transport around.  What do you do now that you’ve relocated?  There may be some overlap between handy apps back home and in the UK, but if not, we’ve assembled a list of recommended apps from London-based expats.

We’ve summarised some of the most popular expat apps here:

  1. Boxman: During your time in the UK, you may have come across items that you just can’t resist from buying and end up needing some extra space.  Storing your new items in your UK rental home could be a challenge, if you’re running short on storage.  Boxman provides storage facilities to keep your items until you head back home.  The Boxman’s team will come to your house, deliver waterproof boxes, wait for you to pack them and then they’ll store them safely for you.
  2. Quiqup: This service will bring you takeaways, get your groceries, deliver flowers, buy your shampoo, pick up your aspirin… all at the touch of a button.  You don’t have to go anywhere at all!
  3. PushDoctor: Talk to an online UK Doctor via real-time video using their app or website.  All you have to do is choose a time that suits you, talk face-to-face with a doctor and receive medical advice.

Going Out

  1. Fever: Can’t decide what to do? This app will show you daily deals based on your location.
  2. Groupon: This app is great if you’re looking to learn something new, pamper yourself, or see the sights of London, and do it all at a discount.
  3. Londonist: This website provides a new list of goings-on every day.  They also release a weekly list of free and cheap happenings. They also put out loads of London-related articles so you can stay in the loop.

Getting Around

  1. Citymapper: Citymapper is the ultimate award-winning transport app making complex cities easy to use.  It provides A to B journey planner with ETA including all transport modes. real-time departures/alerts, transport maps and line status.
  2. Tubenav: This app suggest fun attractions based on your tube stop and lets you see pictures people are sharing online nearby. With pubs, cafes, parks, museums and more, there really is something for everyone.
  3. XE Currency Exchange: Still mentally translating that grocery bill from £ to $ in your head? Traveling in Continental Europe and need to know how much that souvenir really is in USD? XE provides quick currency conversion (even offline!) between any two currencies.
  4. Trainline: One of the UK’s most popular train apps. It provides mobile tickets (no need to queue!), live departure boarding, price alerts, seat preferences (including showing empty seats) and expense receipts all at the click of a button.

Food and Drink

  1. The Food Assembly: Are you a health nuts and eco-conscious grocery shopper?  Then, this is the app for you.  You can pick your market based on location and choose your collection time. Everything is ordered online and delivered to an assembly point near you, so all you need to do is get there and you’ll have groceries waiting for you to take home.
  2. DeliverooThis app is great for your food cravings.  Most places offer a variety of ‘fixins’ (that’s southern American for side dishes) that will take you back to home-cooked meals.
  3. Time Out: Time Out magazine has been going since 1967.  The website is full of hints and tips on where to go and what to do in London, and the app helps you find things quickly and easily.

Happy London exploring!

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