13 Homes to Rent in Dublin for under €3500

But you’ll need some really good negotiation skills!

By: Christine Hall, GMS – Managing Director


As Brexit negotiations continue, several European cities have become frontrunners for banks and other corporations looking to relocate staff from London.  These include Madrid, Paris, Frankfurt and MilanOne destination that’s sparking particular interest is Dublin which is currently home to major corporations such as Google, Twitter and Facebook.

So why Dublin?  From a business point of view, the low corporate tax is sure to be a major selling point.  But as well as this, the multi-lingual society, great schools and friendly people also make it easy to see the appeal for staff being relocated.

Man is stress of rental market in londonAs is often the case when a small city suddenly sees an influx of people, the rental market in Dublin has become a bit chaotic.  Demand far outweighs supply, and prices are now said to be exceeding that of London!

So what do you do when you are relocating staff to a city with a nightmarish rental market, a limited number of properties and soaring rental prices?  Well, you definitely don’t want to tackle it alone!

No, the best thing to do is enlist the support of someone who knows the market well enough to advise you on the best course of action.  In a market as chaotic as Dublin, it’s especially important not to get lured into a dodgy rental deal.

horses barn in UKWith any international relocation, it’s always wise to get help from a relocation company who knows the ins and outs of the country you are moving to.  But in the case of Dublin, I’d particularly recommend a home-finding service.  You’re at a definite advantage when you have a relocation professional with local knowledge representing you in your search.  We’ll also make sure you secure the right rental terms and secure the property at the best possible price.

Whilst we are on the subject of Dublin, it makes sense to show you some of the properties on offer at the moment.  Rental properties aren’t cheap, but our home-finding team have rounded up the best properties they could find for a reasonable monthly budget. Most professionals tend to live in the postcode of Dublin 2 so we’ve focused our search on this area.

Inside of the house in LondonIf you’re looking for a 1-bed property you could get…

  • A modern 1-bed apartment located in the heart of the city centre with communal gym, landscaped gardens and underground parking as well as within walking distance of shops and restaurants - 2,200€/month
  • A fully furnished 1-bed apartment located just minutes from Google, Facebook and Twitter’s office. This apartment comes with fitted wardrobes, high-spec kitchen and 43” HD TV as standard. - 2,250€/month
  • A newly refurbished 1-bed apartment with bespoke Italian furnishings, fully fitted kitchen and communal gym - 2,300€/month

The Red and yellow apartment Doors in londonIf you’re looking for a 2-bed property you could get…

  • A 2-bed apartment within walking distance of the station, with high ceilings, two double bedrooms and plenty of storage - 2,200€/month
  • A 2-bed apartment with period features, integrated appliances and plenty of natural light - 2,500€/month
  • A 2-bed, 2-bath apartment just off the bustling George Street with brand new appliances, concierge and yoga studio on-site - 2,600€/month
  • A luxury 2-bed apartment in one of Dublin’s most exclusive areas just walking distance from the business district. The property comes fully furnished with cable TV, modern appliances and balcony - 2,800€/month

Happy Family relocation in EuropeIf you’re looking for a 3-bed property you could get…

  • A fully furnished 3-bed apartment with fireplace, separate kitchen and balcony - 2,700€/month
  • A 3-bed, 2 baths furnished apartment with 3 large bedrooms, fully fitted kitchen and in an area well-serviced by public transport - 3,200€/month
  • A spacious 3-bed apartment with 3 double bedrooms, large balcony and great views of the city - 3,250€/month


So you see, there are deals to be had, even in a rental market as strong as Dublin, if you know where to look and how to negotiate a good price. 

With local knowledge, our local Saunders 1865 consultants can still secure homes for monthly rents of around 3,500€ or less. But on the other hand, high-end homes can go up as much as 15,000€/month. It is therefore important to have a relocation professional to represent you in your search.

This is what my team does for clients day in, day out.  For a free consultation about your needs use this contact form or call us on +44 20 7590 2700. 

Overall, I was satisfied with the service provided by Saunders 1865.

Holly Hui Wang, Toronto