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  • International Relocations as Lockdowns Ease

    Since the start of the listing of the COVID restrictions, we’ve been seeing corporate clients moving aggressively to take on fresh talent. What we’re seeing a lot of is agile firms moving to acquire the brightest young minds available in the global talent pool.

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  • Are the Homes your Employees Rent in the UK Electrically Safe?

    Should responsible businesses engaged in relocating employees to the UK take steps to check that their rented homes are electrically safe?

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  • The outlook for international relocations post lockdown

    From where I’m standing things are looking good for international relocations post lockdown. Businesses are champing at the bit preparing to move their talent around the world as restrictions are removed.

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  • International Relocation Search – the final straw!

    Finally, Christine and Tony (founding directors/owners of Saunders 1865) wrap up their 3-part series of episodes on International Relocation Search. I thought it was never going to end! I think it must have been the wine and the G&Ts! Thank goodness they finally defaulted to coffee for this one!

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  • The evolution to international rental search

    Over on our weekly talk show, People & Property – THE Relocation Podcast, Christine and I are engaged in an ongoing conversation. The talk amounts to a deep dive into the evolution of our international rental search business. Well, it’s certainly one way to beat the lockdown blues!

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  • On our Podcast, we get into the subject of International Rental Search

    After an extended (but isolated) Christmas/New Year break, we are back on the air.  Join our CEO, Tony & our Managing Director, Christine as they chat – over a glass of wine, of course – about managing RENTAL SEARCHES for our corporate clients’ VIP assignees relocating to the UK from overseas.

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  • Escape to the country, our story

    We are Christine & Tony Coe, the founding owners of the relocation company that we launched in the 1980s. When COVID hit, and as soon as the first lockdown started we saw the writing on the wall. So, much as we had loved living and working in London for over 30 years, we decided it was time to plan our…

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  • What do YOU think COVID will do to the relocation industry?

    A long-time colleague in the industry recently admitted to me that he was worried about the future. One of his giant tech clients had announced, that all their staff are welcome to choose to work from anywhere in the world but “we won’t pay to move you there”. He saw that as a sign of the way things will go.

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  • Brexit-EU

    The end of Brexit is nigh……ready?

    Many of the moves we were handling were put on hold when COVID hit. Now, they are being reactivated with a view to all employees being in place in good time before the end of the transition period on December 31.

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