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"I have been very impressed with the high quality of service that I have received to date from Saunders 1865. Frankly, I do not know how I would have been able to simultaneously managed the demands of my new role and searching for a new home without this degree of support."                                                                     John Duncan, Royal Mail 

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Never has the demand for global talent been hotter. World-class executives are in huge demand. According to FORTUNE Magazine, “Top talent has never been more valuable, nor the competition for it more fierce” Corporations FIGHT to secure the best Candidates. Often your chosen Candidate will need to relocate from another country to take up the new position. This may well mean convincing the family as a whole  that relocating to a new lifestyle, & perhaps a new culture, is in their best interests. Persuading the Candidate’s Spouse that this international move will benefit the family is often the key to success. So, businesses need a winning strategy for dealing with this crucial issue. A winning strategy starts with engaging a relocation firm that specializes in this sort of assignment. KEY POINT: A major mistake that Employers often make is to leave this vital component to their REGULAR relocation provider, who then handle it like it’s just any other internal relocation!  This is the wrong approach.


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"The services provided to me and my firm were outstanding. Everyone we dealt with demonstrated the utmost level of service and assistance. I found that all my inquiries were handled on a very timely basis and the team at Saunders were always keeping me informed and up to date. I would not hesitate to use the firm services again for future relocations."                                                                                                Bryan Miller, Bay Group

Talent Attraction cases are VERY different.  The relocation support should be an extension of the executive search process.

Done well, the relocation support will REINFORCE the Candidate’s decision to take the new position. 

Done badly, it will UNDERMINE that decision!

These cases require special, VIP-level treatment - that’s TAILORED, targeted & personal.

It starts with the relocation firm’s first conversation with the Candidate & Spouse, which should be conducted EARLY-ON in the process.

In fact, many of our clients make this an integral part of assessing the shortlisted Candidates. 

This is because the relocation professionals can then feed information into the decision-making process.

This is accomplished by carrying out an effective NEEDS ASSESSMENT.

Done right, this is an ideal opportunity for the employer to discover any LINGERING DOUBTS – such as any reservations a Spouse may have.

In this way, any issues can be addressed EARLY ON, & factored into any decisions going forward.

Here are some of the main relocation support services that typically come into play:


This is an informal, relaxed conversation, facilitated by an experienced relocation professional.

It has the objective of discovering important facts & the extent of relocation support services that might be needed.

What aspects of the relocation would be of concern to the Candidate & Spouse?

For example, housing costs, schools, childcare, medical matters, etc.

And what about at the departure end?  Do they have a property that will need selling or renting out there – or a lease that would need terminating?

What about any family they’d be leaving behind?  Are there eldercare issues to be considered?


This is an organized trip to the destination area so the Candidate & Spouse can get a taste of what living there will be like.

And it helps them choose the area they want to live in.

Done right, it will ideally REINFORCE the decision to accept the position. 

The relocation firm should arrange an escorted tour of shortlisted areas and sample homes, schools etc. conducted by an experienced, professional guide.


This is a comprehensive service to help them FIND & SECURE a rental home, on time & within budget, in their chosen search area.


This service helps them find the best schools for their children, & guides them through the application process.

It can also cover nursery schools & childcare arrangements.


This is general assistance TAILORED to their needs – for example, opening bank accounts, council tax registration, hooking up utilities, broadband, social security, medical service, & all the numerous tasks associated with settling into life in a new country.

This is just a sample of the typical relocation services that Saunders 1865 – The VIP Relocation Company – offers to support executive search projects.

Relocation support for executive searches & the attraction of the best global talent, is SPECIALIZED relocation work that should be carried out by a SPECIALIST firm.

The number 1 error employers make, of simply assigning them to the Employer’s standard relocation track, should be avoided.

That approach so often ends up SPOILING all the good work that has been done by the TALENT ATTRACTION team.

Saunders 1865 – The VIP Relocation Company – has specialized in this work for more than 25 years.

Call our London office on 020 7590 2700 or use the CALL BACK FORM below to arrange a free consultation with our Managing Director. arrow-7-2.png


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