Saunders 1865 | Lease Renewal Program

Lease Renewal Program

Comprehensive, expert representation for the tenant in connection with renewing a lease.

This can be a complex process and it’s important that the tenant should be professionally represented.

Landlords are invariably represented by Agents. Tenants also need and deserve the best representation.

Saunders 1865’s lease renewal team will:

  • Review the lease & advise on what needs to be done to extend
  • Having advised on options, implement client’s specific instructions
  • Trigger any renewal correctly (It is vital that this be done strictly in accordance with lease provisions.)
  • Establish whether tenant has any concerns with the property that need resolving by landlord
  • Negotiate best terms for renewal, including any rent adjustment
  • Manage closing of renewal transaction through to completion, including processing paperwork & consideration of impact of Stamp Duty Land Tax


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