Saunders 1865 | IMPORTANT: Special Additional Provision for Pre-Homefinding Program

IMPORTANT: Special Additional Provision for Pre-Homefinding Program

*The purpose of the Pre-Homefinding Program is to provide an overview of the area.  The primary intention of this service is not to source a home.

However, typically, example homes will be shown to give the assignee a fair idea of the types of home that can that be secured within a given budget.  Sometimes a assignee will decide to proceed on a home that they see on their Pre-Homefinding Program in which case Saunders 1865’s homefinding team will assist them in securing the home on the best terms possible.

This special additional provision does not apply where Saunders 1865 have agreed to provide a package of programs at a discounted fee where that package of programs includes the Home Finding Program.


If the assignee decides to proceed to secure any such home then the program will immediately be upgraded to either our

1. Home Finding Program; or
2. Home Buyer Assistance Program (if it is a purchase rather than a rental)

and the Operating Deposit for the appropriate upgraded program shall become payable immediately

Special Discount:

Provided that no further tour days, property research or negotiations on other homes are required, in the above circumstances the upgraded program shall be discounted by an amount equivalent to 70% of the basic fee for the Pre-Homefinding Program.  This special discount is subject to the Operating Deposits being paid on time.  If any payment is late (time being of the essence) this special discount shall not apply.  The discount will be applied to the final invoice.

Pricing for the upgraded programs

1. Home Finding Program – one month’s rent (minimum: £2,950)
2. Home Buyer Assistance Program – 1.5% of the purchase price (minimum: £5,950)


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