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“We have been working with Ann to prepare for our relocation to London. We have been extremely pleased with her work so far in both connecting to prospective schools for our girls and home searches. Two weeks ago we did our first visit to London and Linda served as our guide for two days. She was EXCELLENT – very knowledgable and informative without being intrusive. I told my husband the trip would have been dreadful if we didn’t “click” with our guide. Thankfully, we found Linda to be quite a joy inter-personally and felt much more comfortable with the decisions in front of us given her thoughtful support. THANK YOU – we are grateful and excited to continue the process!”














“Ann and Christine did a fantastic job of getting the job done. My case was a bit special since it was a corporate rental. Ann was quite diligent in keeping me informed and working to get our preferred choice of Flat. I am in the Flat I am VERY happy with it. I would recommend Ann any day.

I wish to Thank Ann and Christine for making this happen.”





“Fantastic. Just fantastic. Ann Dinsdale and her team made finding a flat as easy as it could be in the circumstances. They researched options, booked appointments, got me there and followed up. Cheryl was a hoot as she drove me around London, regaling me with her deep knowledge of London. Then, when I found the place I wanted, Ann and her team swung into action to secure me “getting in”, in a very short space of time including helping assess the lease terms and even working Easter Monday. I could not ask for better service and I cannot thank them enough for their dedication and attention to detail. Many thanks. Mark”

“Now that the dust has really settled on our move, we want to sincerely thank you for all of the hard work you all did to make it happen.

Over the many months we worked together, your insight and expertise was essential to the success of this big move for our family. You helped us find the perfect home (wonderful location, plenty of space!) and a great school (very welcoming!), and you helped us navigate the subtle cultural and procedural differences in establishing a home in the UK.

I’ve heard from other expats that relocation agents don’t always do the high-quality work that you’ve done for us, and I feel grateful that we found and enlisted your services.

Thank you for everything!”




“Saunders 1865 went above and beyond to make sure I was happy with every aspect of the flat hunt in London. They provided guidance, support and knowledge every step of the way, and did so positively, which I know must not have always been easy. The local consultant that took me around during my hunting trip was also lovely to work with. I have absolutely no complaints about Saunders 1865; I felt that my best interest was always top of mind.”

“We have had a wonderful experience working with Saunders 1865. We came in with high expectations based on feedback from others we know that had worked with your team, and those expectations were exceeded. Saunders 1865 have been wonderful through out the whole process – very responsive, providing great guidance and with a wonderful attitude. Susan was a phenomenal tour guide and shuttled us through over 30 flats until we found the perfect one!

A fantastic experience that frankly has been the highlight of our relocation process.”





“I can give you my feedback in three words


No complaints, very excellent service.”

“Wanted to share with you that it has been a pleasure to work with Saunders 1865. They have been extremely helpful, very good in listening to our needs and very reactive and responsive during our relocation to London from Austin Texas. My wife and I are very thankful for the help we have received and we highly appreciate the effort of Saunders 1865.”




“Many thanks Saunders 1865 for all of your help and coordination to make all of our moves into, within and out of UK very smooth and conducted in a very professional and efficient manner.”




“Great help overall: precise information even for person unfamiliar with UK “rules” of housing.  Constant update and clear explanation.  Very satisfy as far as I am concerned.”




“Not the easiest relocation in more ways than one. Ann has done a tremendous job keeping things positive and on track. Love the company and thanks for helping us through the many challenges of moving across the pond”.




“It would have been very difficult for us to manage our London house hunt on our own. From making a large number of appointments to providing helpful in-person tours to negotiating the lease terms, the Saunders team was incredibly helpful and efficient.”




“John was great! It worked out great, we got along famously and we really got a flavor for what our options were and about Leeds in general. We felt much more comfortable with what we are getting ourselves into now than before the visit.”

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“I had an excellent experience with Saunders 1865. They were very responsive and helpful throughout the process, especially once I had chosen my property and moved towards close. Thanks for the hard work.”

“Ann Dinsdale provided exceptional service in helping me secure a property under difficult conditions; she continues to be helpful as I get organised and move. Not only was she able to help find me a fantastic flat, she worked tirelessly through a somewhat protracted situation (the first flat fell through due to the landlord’s agent) and then negotiated a lower rent and all my requirements with the property that I ended up taking. She answers emails and calls at all times — including evenings and weekends — she proactively thinks of things I would never have considered, and she is always friendly, patient, responsive, and very effective. I felt 100% comfortable that I was in the most capable hands and that I would achieve the best possible result. Her team is also very good and helpful, with Charmine Rajah also working hard to make my experience positive and to help get the best result. All in all, I am extremely satisfied with the service I have received, which has made my move to the UK much less stressful than I had imagined. Thank you.”.


“I was very pleased with the service I received from Saunders 1865 during my relocation back to London. Charmine was extremely professional and efficient at helping me through the process and very consistent with following up regularly by email and phone throughout. It was very useful having her to assist me on this move to help me with the legalities of the rental contract as well as general advice at every step, which took a lot of pressure off me having started my new job straight away. The lady that showed me around the properties on my viewing day was also very helpful, and having her there meant that I was informed about certain rights as a tenant and what to look out for, that I would not have otherwise known. Overall I would highly recommend Saunders 1865 as a relocation agency and would be happy to use them again if I decide to move !”


“Saunders 1865 specializes in the UK and can provide a much higher level of service by knowing the area really well. They understand that Business Leaders have different needs and that is where they excel.”


“Excellent customer service…I always know that our colleagues will be taken good care of when Saunders 1865 is involved.”

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“Having secured a house and hopefully on track to find a school for our son Saunders 1865 have a very pleased client in us. Christine and Ann have been outstanding in their service and we look forward to working with them going forward.”

“Saunders 1865 have been a tremendous help in finding and securing a house for the family and schools for the kids. Moving and changing jobs are two of life’s great sources of stress – Saunders 1865 took away the first and gave us time and space to deal with the latter.”

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“Just wanted to let you know that our move went very smoothly this week. Everything from the heating to the electrical to the plumbing seems to be in excellent working order which is a lovely change from our previous flat. Ann and her team have been a tremendous help in the process. It has been wonderful to have an advocate throughout this major transition. Thank you so much for everything you did to make this happen. It is truly appreciated.”

“Charmine was an excellent liaison into the UK letting market. She had great knowledge of the market and was personable when talking through my preferences on a place to live. I’d recommend her to anyone looking to move in the UK.”

“I wanted to put in a quick note and tell you how delighted I have been with my relocation experience with Saunders 1865. Ann and her team have been absolute professionals and a pleasure to work with. She has taken all of the burden and any stress associated with moving to a new country off my plate. I appreciate how well she listened and then the follow up and the communication at every stage of the process was exceptional. I have a particular appreciation for people who pay close attention to detail and I was not disappointed in this case! Her team arranged 17 viewings for me in one day (!) and I could tell they listened to what I was looking for. The experience working with Saunders 1865 has exceeded all of my expectations.”

“Thank you for your ongoing support of our team members. You are wonderful and a phenomenal advocate and support person for our team members coming to the UK!!!”

“Would like to say a big thank you to the team and especially Charmine for all her valuable assistance through apartment searching and settling-in. In fact, she not only performed well she actively participated so I seemed to feel well cared for. Her professional friendliness is very appreciated. Thank you again.”

“Alicia and Charmine have been great throughout the entire flat-finding process. They’ve been very responsive and helpful in answering all of my questions.”

“Working with Ann has been a fantastic experience. She is knowledgeable, innovative and has a great sense of humor. She has worked very hard for me and with some difficult people, but has managed to keep things moving forward and I truly appreciate her. I would have been lost without her and will be sad when I have to negotiate my own lease next year! I also very much appreciated that Christine helped us get some traction with the leasing agent for the landlord.”

“We know how hard you work to provide an exceptional level of service to our team members and we appreciate you, Charmine and all the others at Saunders 1865 for taking such good care of them in their transition to the UK.”

“Would like to take this opportunity to thank the Saunders 1865 team and in particular a special mention to Charmine. Charmine was very prompt in all her services rendered to me and also lent a patient ear to my concerns and issues too. A big thank you to each and everyone.”

“Our Saunders 1865 team has been absolutely incredible. The team is responsive, thoughtful, thorough, sympathetic and caring. Moving from the US to the UK with two children and one on the way is a daunting task. Ann, Cheryl, Charmine, Alicia, and Christine have turned a daunting task into an exciting endeavor. We will be forever grateful for your care and guidance.”

“We are appreciative of the excellent relocation services we have received through Saunders 1865. Ann is delightful, responsive, professional, knowledgeable– could continue. Cheryl showed us properties and was astute in guiding us. We were sorry to say good bye. We learned so much driving around with Cheryl.”

“Ann, A huge thank you to you and all the team at Saunders 1865 for taking such good care of me the last five years. I’ve always appreciated your thoughtful guidance and friendship through multiple situations. You’ve been absolutely lovely to work with and a highlight of my UK experience.”

“Everyone I worked with at Saunders was terrific. I want to thank everyone who assisted in making this move across the world a true pleasure. Thank you!”

“We worked with Charmine for the past 3 months and were delighted with her work ethic and outstanding customer service skills. She took care of all the questions and little details so that we did not have to be burdened in the middle of our move. Her ability to follow up promptly was key as our move in date was very close to the signing of the agreement.”

“THE best customer service!!!!”

“The best. Nothing falls through the cracks or gets missed like it does with other providers. Start to finish, Saunders 1865 provides the best rental search, settling in, and ongoing tenancy management.”

“Ann and Charmine have both been outstanding. In fact, I don’t know if they have a voicemail because they’ve picked up the phone every time I’ve called. ”

“I really cannot say enough great things about your entire team! They made my life so much easier day after day. I made sure that all levels of management know how valuable an asset Ann and team are, so the partnership continues. Thank you all again so much!”

“The entire Saunders team was fantastic. They were patient, were able to incorporate all of our requirements for housing, and handled every negotiation and interaction professionally. Everything with our move went very smoothly, and we appreciated their willingness to answer every question.”












“Charmine Rajah was looking after my relocation to the UK (Fareham) from Australia. She has been a delight! She clearly understood all my requirements in a home, promptly assisted me with any of my relocation concerns and has involved me in every step of the process. ”

“The overall process managed by Charmine was very good and very well organized. Charmine has done an excellent job helping us finding our new apartment.”

“I appreciate the way Saunders 1865 staff has professionally helped us with home finding, and further formalities. The pre-finding and home finding went very efficiently, after a couple of days the list of properties got very close to what we wanted, and we were able to find a nice apartment pretty fast thanks to Linda, who was our agent “in the field”. ”

“First I would like to thank you for the valuable assistance for the past 3 weeks in my home finding. It was a tiring and time consuming process that I am glad we successfully completed. The orientation of London property market in the beginning was quite helpful especially the first tour day gave very good insight of London housing. ”

“My fiancé and I have been very much satisfied with the service provided by Saunders 1865. Charmine has been of great help by providing valuable advice and detailed guidelines. The consultant, Cheryl has a lot of knowledge about the city and showed me different areas of London during 3 days. The tour was really interesting. Charmine has managed to negotiate the tenancy agreement by adding extra clauses in favor of the tenant. Thank you all the team for the great support in finding our home in London. Great job !”

“Thank you! I have dealt with numerous companies through this move and dealing with Saunders 1865 was always a joy!”

“I had the pleasure of working with Ann Dinsdale and I cannot speak highly enough of my experience. Being my first international relocation, I was quite nervous and had a lot of questions. Ann ALWAYS had a prompt answer and the reassurance that I needed. Ann also listened to my requests and found me the MOST perfect flat! I am now moved in and couldn’t be happier. I owe it all to Ann and Saunders 1865. I would not hesitate to use or recommend Ann/Saunders in the future. Thank you!!!”.

“Ann Dinsdale helped me with my apartment hunt and I can’t say enough positive things about her help. She really listened to my needs and found me a number of properties to review that were both within my budget and met my needs. She also was able to work with the landlord to provide a bundle package, which made the process so much smoother for me.”

“Thanks to Kirsty, Ann and Cheryl for their hard work and exceptional efforts to find us an ideal place in Islington. They were a pleasure to work with and were our advocates in this process. We look forward to continued high standards as we move through the paperwork and tenant agreements. So far they have done an exceptional job.”

“Anna has been excellent to deal with……She has helped me understand the purchasing process and helped me find a solicitor and other key people to facilitate the process. Although British, moving back to the UK after a long absence meant I felt foreign and it was much more comforting to have expert help to find out information and allowed me to find somewhere to settle fast and still get on with the demands of my job.”

“Overall excellent experience. Kirsty is great to work with, and Linda (the agent who showed us around), was outstanding. The process easy, and very well managed. Would recommend Saunders 1865 again in the future. I am happily housed!”


“Ann was an absolute delight to work with! She made sure we were taken care of every step of the way and I never felt out of the loop regarding the process but at the same time, she took care of the little details so I didn’t have to worry about them. She definitely made our transition to the UK much easier and I can’t imagine having made this move without her help and guidance!”


“My dealings with the Saunders VIP Relocation company were excellent. Prompt and accurate attention was paid to all issues/questions. I would recommend use of the company to others.”

“You’ve done a great job.”


“Was a true pleasure working with Ann and Cheryl for rental properties. Ann spent time with us on the phone and via email prior to arriving in the UK to hear about what our needs were and upon arriving in the UK, I had a list of over 20 (I think) properties to see in 2 days. After seeing homes on day 1, she incorporated our feedback to refocus the search and also started the process of negotiating with one of the properties, which turned out to be a fiasco, but ultimately our offer prevailed, which both Karen and I were / are thrilled about. Unless our budget tripled, I don’t think the team could have found a nicer house for us. We’re very excited about our move and looking forward to moving in to the property in a couple weeks.”

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“We dealt primarily with Charmine and were incredibly happy when she went above and beyond by staying late on a Friday to book last minute appointments for the following morning, which ultimately lead to us finding our new flat. Charmine was always very polite and prompt in dealing with us.  She was pleasant and friendly to deal with!”


“The representatives at Saunders went above and beyond the call of duty to secure our home in the UK. It has made a world of difference to myself and my family as we settle in to a new country.”

“I was very happy and very impressed with your attention to detail throughout the negotiation and documentation process.”

” We think you are fantastic and I would hate to be on the other end of any negotiation with you”

“Your help through the entire ‘finding an apartment / moving to a new city’ process was beyond what I could have ever expected! ”


“I am happy with all the services been provided by Saunders 1865.  The team is very efficient and quick in making decision for newcomer like myself.”

“I do know that our case must be one of the most complicated one ever ! Therefore the specialist in charge of the contract has been doing a great work. We are also fortunate to be assisted by Charmine who is quick and well educated, a very sensible person. Our tour day was very well organized, Linda was an excellent choice for us. We feel more secure being with you. Thank you so much for your daily support!”

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“I have been very impressed with the high-quality of service that I have received to date from Saunders 1865. Frankly I do not know how I would’ve have been able to simultaneously managed the demands of my new role and searching for a new home without this degree of support. Ann most effectively helped me secure interim accommodations as a base location from which to explore a permanent residence…..This was a very quick transition in my view and would not have been possible with Ann’s responsive, knowledgeable and efficient support. She has great customer service orientation and combined with cheerfulness and great sense of humour is an absolute delight to deal with…..In summary top marks across the board — excellent service with quality results — well done!”


“Charmine helped my relocation to be smooth and comfortable. She is an expert in her field and had very good knowledge of the processes involved. She is punctual and has been prompt in responding/taking action on to various issue/queries. Her guidance and advise has been very useful. Throughout, her conduct has been very professional and friendly.”.

“Many thanks for the extremely useful guidance and support that you provided during the entire period.”

“I was provided help by Charmine for settling in UK. She has been very helpful and very prompt in her responses throughout. I’m overall very happy and pleased with the support that has been provided.”

“Ms. Charmine was assigned to our team for help regarding relocation to UK. She has offered us excellent help in quickly getting NI Number, NHS Registration. She is always willing to help us and was in personal touch of everybody in our team. I would rate the services offered by your company and Charmine 10 out 10.”


“The help and support given by Charmine Rajah during my complete Settling-in & Orientation Assistance is excellent and very helpful. I am completely satisfied with the work of Charmine.”


“Ann and Christine did a great job. The whole organization was very professional…..I will highly recommend that Boeing continue to use your service for future relocations. Thanks for your help.”


“Well done! One of many reasons why Saunders 1865 is my favourite vendor!”


“We really enjoyed everyone we worked with on the home finding trip to London. My assignee expressed some very nice compliments regarding everyone who helped her. She was thrilled with the number of units you arranged for her to see…. Many, many thanks for the wonderful job.”

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“I just wanted to say thank you again for organizing such a terrific day for me yesterday.”

“I was more than pleased with my experience with Saunders 1865. I was actually shocked when I was told that I would be able to view 16 properties. I felt that the representatives were on my side both during the tour and in the negotiation process. Thank you so much for your hard work and in helping me find a flat I was happy with.”


“We have nothing but positive words to say about our experience with Saunders 1865. Our move from NYC to London was seamless, and we have said many times to each other that we couldn’t have made this move without Kirsty and her expertise. Kirsty found us our dream flat and worked quickly to make sure that the contract was secure so we could move in as soon as possible. ”

“Jonathon and I want to let you all know it was such a pleasure working with you all. You listened to our requests and ideas, and helped us find a great home. We were talking about how crazy it would have been to try and do this on our own, but you all made it an easy and smooth process.”

“You are the best!”

“Thanks very much for finding such a wonderful place for us.”


“Thank you from all my family for the excellent work you have done to help us find and set up our home. We are very happy with how smooth everything has ran since our arrival to the UK (and before!) and up until now. We cannot thank you enough.”

“I couldn’t be more pleased. Kirsty was very useful at all times, answered my questions quickly, and did more than I expected in many situations to make sure we were comfortable and the move was as smooth as possible.”

“Thank you Kirsty! You were so wonderful and great to work with. Thank you for helping us find a place to call home while we are here.”


“Our move to London could not have been as successful without the assistance of your team. The organized site visit day for viewing properties went like clock work.”


“I found the tour day and the inventory clerk processes and people involved to be extremely thorough, thoughtful and helpful.”


“I think you pulled together a really well-organized itinerary with some excellent options in a short amount of time.”

“Kirsty with the assistance of Cheryl and Ann was extremely helpful during our family’s quick relocation to London. We got our children into a wonderful school and found a great house only a few blocks from the school. They were very responsive and provided accurate and informative information along the way. ”


“I have received a strong support from Alyssa and Ann, keeping in touch with me during the tough process to sign the Tenancy Agreement. They were professionals as well as calm and friendly during the whole process.”

“Ann has surpassed herself with patience….20 out of 10 to her. and a big Thank You”

“Thanks so much for all your assistance and we are now in the house and extremely pleased with everything. We were very impressed with the pre move in inspection that your people did on our behalf. Not a stone unturned!!!”

“Just want to say that I am very pleased with the, very professional, and continued support from your team: Ann Dinsdale and Charmine Rajah. They have been super responsive, extremely helpful, and very professional. Thank you for a great experience!”


“Just wanted to drop you a note to let you know what a wonderful trip we had to the UK….. Of course Peter did a wonderful job helping us find a place to live. He went well above and beyond what we were expecting. Not only did Peter have plenty of properties lined up for us to look at, but he gave us tours of the various towns & villages, markets, attractions, restaurants and even pubs. We could not have asked for a better introduction to the area. Thanks for all your help. “


“We have been very pleased with the service that we received from Saunders 1865 and all of the representatives. Very helpful and well organized search for new housing – process was efficient use of short time period to transition to the UK.”


“We are very delighted with how smooth everything has gone with Saunders 1865. Linda, Mandy and Kerry have been great and exceeded our expectations. Again, thank you very much for the great service.”


“The service was everything I hoped it would be. You delivered on all that you promised and made the move much simpler than it would have been had we undertaken the task(s) ourselves. Thank you for your assistance. ”


“Kirsty Smith has been a real pleasure to work with on all aspects of the move in process. …..Kirsty coordinated everything so that when we moved in, all of the details were in place…….She provides a great first-impression of your country when moving here from another country!”

“It’s been an absolute pleasure working with Kirsty and everyone at Saunders 1865! Kirsty was always available and always willing to help me any way she could! She provided invaluable advice and with the team made my transfer the the UK stress-free! I would recommend Saunders to anyone relocating. ”


“Special thanks go to Ann, Kirsty and Shelagh. I have nothing but positive feedback at this moment. Your work was instrumental in settling us in. We felt very much well taken care of during the whole process and the team as always very flexible to discuss our approach. In home searching, there was a real partnership between Ann and myself so we got along very well and finally found the perfect home for our family. The support during the tenancy agreement negotiation was invaluable, being in a new country with different tenancy rules. We were delighted with Kirsty’s emails and calls, for its completeness, assisting us to get to terms with all the utilities and other set up that had to be done. And the tour day with Shelagh was real fun, she turned our itinerary into a pleasant “expedition” and also helped us with the home inventory. This team is an asset to Saunders 1865! Thank you very much!”


“Jeanne White was the perfect guide for the house hunting tour….I am very pleased by the friendly and timely service from Kirsty and Ravini. Most importantly, they worked hard to make sure I had a good range of housing options to consider.”

“We were most impressed by the 2 day home searching with Linda…..Ravini was very good about reaching out to us on a regular basis to keep us on track. ”

“I don’t think we would be in a house right now if it weren’t for Kirsty and Ann. What an amazing service you provide and what a serious relief you have given to someone already under the stress of a move across the world with their family. Thanks again.”

“Kirsty and the team at Saunders 1865 made my family’s move to London, smooth as can be. Every operational aspect – location scouting, letting negotiation, utilities commissioning, etc. – was handled professionally and efficiently. If I ever move to another country/city, the next relocation agent will have a lot to live up to.”

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“I have to give your staff the highest complements for customer service and working with my limited time schedule. Cheryl who showed me listings was wonderful, full of information about the area and was very helpful in my decision on a good area to live in based on my age and personal needs. Excellent job finding quality options within budget and location. ”

“Saunders 1865 and Anna specifically have exceeded our expectations in making our move to the UK a very smooth process. They fulfilled every request promptly and accurately. I can not think of one issue that they did not manage on our behalf successfully. We would not be in the UK enjoying our new home and our children attending their schools without your professional and caring support.”

“Everything was great. It seems like your business is people-driven – all your staff are excellent and very helpful and friendly. Thanks for all your help.”

“I’ve never met Anna in person, but I can’t wait to give you a large THANK YOU when I do! Best housing-help I’ve ever seen. Appreciate your pro-activeness in putting this together!”


” Thanks ever so much for making this very important move happen!”


“I seriously do not know what/how we would have done without all of your help.”

“Even though our budget was on the low end, Saunders provided top notch service from beginning to end. In general the experience has been great and I would easily recommend to any relocation prospect!”


“You have been amazingly wonderful to work with and always goes the “Second Mile” (that is after the Extra Mile)”

“GREAT job Kirsty! We knew this was a challenging one and you did such a great job – thank you, thank you!”


“Kirsty has been a massive help in securing the right rental property. She knows the market inside out and so can secure the best terms for her clients. And she’s not afraid to push hard against difficult landlords!”


“I just wanted to thank you for your wonderful assistance. Jayne is absolutely delightful and terrific at what she does for clients”


“We had a very productive day and really appreciated all the sights and knowledge that Linda shared with us”


“Ann was fantastic throughout the whole process & ensured we found schools & housing in the quickest possible time at what is a hard time of year.”


“I want to thank you for the excellent tour as organized by Linda. She really did an excellent job. It was very helpful indeed, in addition to the school visits, to have an idea about the housing market, distances, and pricing. Well done!”

“I thought the entire process was very well managed from start to finish. Ann did a great job representing us and the company during the negotiations and got a price that was within our original budget.  She went out of her way to find some baby related rental furniture which was very much appreciated. Everyone I have dealt with at Saunders 1865 was very positive and helpful, I really enjoyed working with the team there.”

“Kirsty and her team have been extremely helpful and accommodating. I appreciate all of her continued support.”


“Just wanted to thank you for your assistance in coordinating our visit to the U.K. My wife and I had a great time and were able to see and do everything we wanted to in the time we had. Jayne was a fantastic tour guide who gave us a very complete and candid look at the country, the culture and the local way of life. Hopefully, we’ll be able to continue working together in the near future.”


“I was very pleased with the services provided to me by Saunders 1865. Everyone was helpful, cheerful and thorough. I would especially like to highlight Mandy’s efforts. Her attitude and diligence made a world of difference in our move.”


“The Saunders team was incredible. Looking back on what Saunders helped us achieve was fantastic, their advice ensured the property was presented correctly for the buyers……They liaised with the estate agents, solicitors and my husband in Canada this took so much stress off my shoulders I would like to thank them once again for their incredible support and their professionalism. ……In contrast the relocation firm that we are dealing with us at the Canadian side has a lot to learn and should take a leaf from the Saunders team. I would recommend Saunders 1865 to make your move stress free.”


“Shelagh was outstanding; we very much appreciated her support, patience and guidance.”


“Ann Dinsdale and Grace Sisto both did a fantastic job in supporting my relocation from USA to London. Both Ann and Grace were attentive to my needs, very easy to work with and responsive to all of my inquiries. They were helpful in setting my expectations for the relocation from neighborhood selection, property search, home tour, lease negotiation and final settling in. I appreciate all of the hard work and positive energy they both put into the process. Only item I would note for improvement would be my unique request for inclusion of Internet Broadband, TV and phone service into the contract. Ann was quick to support and negotiate this unique request into the agreement but the process changed post lease signing. No problem as all is covered in the end. As I mention above, I am very happy with the work Ann and Grace performed in support of my relocation. Thanks to all.”


“Ann Dinsdale and her team did an excellent job in finding and securing our preferred home in Walton-on-Thames a few months ago. The landlord was quite demanding in his timeline and what he required before he would sign the lease. Ann worked many extra hours over those tense days and we were ultimately successful.”

“I have been pleased beyond words with the service and personal touch your staff has shown during this move. Anna has been especially patient with me as I tend to forget and ask the same questions over and over and over, she just answers them like it was the first time I asked. This is a big step for us and everyone has really been supportive and very, very responsive to our requests, no matter what we have asked. I praise your company every time I get the chance. And I am going to demand that you help me when I close down my stay here in London to return. I must mention this, when we went looking for a house, it was more than just a house, the area had to be right, the children had to be happy in the school that we choose. And as we interviewed the schools and picked one, then the fun began, find a house. As we looked, we fed back info to Anna, and the next batches of houses were closer to what we wanted and then the next batch even better. That really impressed my wife and I”


“Moving to another country can be a very stressful and difficult time. The entire team in the Kensington London office were extremely helpful and professional. They made our transition much easier than my wife and I anticipated. They were very responsive to our requests and inquiries and on occasions went out of their normal business hours to accommodate the time difference while we were still in the states. The overall experience with the Saunders team was excellent. Thank You.”


“Great job with the complex bureaucratic house hunting in the form-plagued UK market! Thanks for simplifying and negotiating an excellent tenancy agreement on my behalf.”

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“Terrific service from Ann Dinsdale. They were incredibly responsive, thoughtful and informative throughout the process and really came through for us with a difficult landlord and agent. I was particularly impressed with how proactive Ann were. I will strongly recommend Saunders to WPP and my colleagues elsewhere!”

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“We have had a very positive experience with your company. The process of finding housing was virtually painless. Thanks to the school search that was conducted up front, finding a school for our two sons was actually a pleasant experience. Anna did a wonderful job. She found someone familiar with the areas surrounding London (Claire), schools for us to visit, worked with the landlords agent, among other tasks – and did all of these in a professional and thorough manner. We always felt that she had our best interests at heart. We would like to thank and all who helped to make this part of our relocation process go so smoothly! You did a fantastic job! ”

“Communication has been great and Francois in Paris was very professional and effective. We would certainly recommend your services and without doubt would use your service again in the future if needed.”


“All communication was done in a professional manner. Having said that, there was a pleasant dash of humor which added nicely to an overall excellent job. Many thanks.”

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“We worked with Anna and had a very pleasant experience. We had no idea what to expect and she was there for us every step of the way. We had a difficult negotiation the first time around and Anna stood her ground and advised us when it was good to compromise and when it was not. We were desperate for a flat and, if not for Anna, may have ended up in a place where we were unhappy. Fern and Emma were the ones who took me around to look at flats and they were equally as helpful. They made their opinions known without attempting to sway me in any direction. It was clear that they had our best interest in mind. Our experience with Sanders 1865 was a good one and we would recommend them to anyone looking to relocate to London.”


“We wanted to thank you for all your help with our move. As with our move over here, your company’s help has really made it a smooth transition. I can’t imagine doing this without your help. Thanks a lot.”


“What could have been a very stressful and difficult experience was made painless and even enjoyable. Tony Coe did an excellent job in negotiating a very difficult lease agreement for us. I would not hesitate in highly recommending Saunders.”


“Very organized relocations for both of my clients. I like being able to log on and get notes that counselor put in for that day or phone conversation. Makes my job easier when I can see the information instead of having to call for updates.”


“We worked with Saunders 1865 and received great service; felt like all my questions were answered and plus some. Also great turnaround on questions; I received call backs and items were acted on almost immediately – We worked with 2 different women for our tours Shelagh and Linda. They were both wonderful and we would be happy to work with them again. Thank you for all your help in this process.”


“I have been delighted with the service provided by Saunders 1865. I was kept well informed throughout each process regarding the house sale. Especially, I wish to send Ann Dinsdale a big thank you for everything she has done.”


“I am delighted with the final outcome – I love the flat and neighborhood where we settled. Liz was particularly responsive, professional, and diligent. I had a very good experience with Saunders and would recommend it highly.”


“Saunders 1865 were always courteous and on top of things…fantastic! An invaluable help to us!…did much more than help us find a home… a wonderful source of information and a pleasure to work with… we really would have been lost without…your services…we love our new home! Thank you so much!”

“It was a real treat to work with Ann and Adrian. They both went out of their way to assist us. They were prompt, courteous and fun! They made what could have been a nightmare, very smooth and comfortable. Christine was also very helpful while we were still in the States; she put our minds at ease. We can’t thank you enough.”


“We believe that we had outstanding service from Saunders 1865 throughout the sale of our house in the UK as part of our relocation to the US. In particular, did an excellent job in keeping us informed on all aspects of the sale. We felt confident that Ann was working on our behalf and looking after our best interests.”


“You have been one of the few services in this process that have been painless! You did a great job, Christine and Ann. Thank you!”


“Excellent communication from Christine Hall and Ann Dinsdale throughout the process. There was nothing I did not like about your services.”


“Your services were excellent! Ann Dinsdale helped us achieve a reduction in the purchase price. Ann also helped coordinate efforts between all the parties and kept me fully informed of progress. Many thanks for your assistance.”


“Saunders 1865 did a great job helping me find an area and home. They took the time to get to know me and my family so that the proper match could be made. Once on the ground, they spent as much time as I needed looking at homes… great experience overall!”

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“The staff at Saunders 1865 has been very helpful and friendly through this whole process. I could not have made the transition from New York to London without their help at every step of the way. Thanks for everything!!!”

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“I was very pleased with the service and professionalism of the staff. Your help was invaluable during my relocation process to the UK and helped me to feel much more comfortable!”


“The properties visited were matching my search expectations probably between 75-85%. The staff availability and competence was to the higher standard I could have expected. Their feedback and follow up on every potential property was perfect. Beyond the global professionalism of every individual I have been in touch with, I felt everyone was really concerned with helping me in relocating my family over London and specifically with making sure I was feeling safe and completely satisfied. Mandy and Kerry have been reliable and efficient professional at every step. I would like to mention how much Ann Dinsdale has been personally involved in making this task the most precise and efficient for me. Above her genuine daily involvement, her market knowledge, her kindness and patience facing my evolving requests, her professionalism have made all this process much simpler and even enjoyable. If everyone moving to London would have Ann for agent, every relocation would just be a pleasure.”


“Throughout the entire relocation process, I had the utmost confidence in the staff and personnel of Saunders which gave me the necessary comfort to re-focus my efforts on meeting the demands of my job. I would personally like to thank Liz and Ann for your high level of expertise and service.”


“I found all staff extremely pleasant and helpful, particularly Ann, Jacqui and Christine. I was made aware of all pertinent details in advance, so there were no surprises. My special request to view a couple of flats just to give me a general idea of what to expect was granted without a thought.”


“Truly great service – if anyone asks, I’ll have no hesitation in recommending Saunders 1865.”


“Thank you again for taking such good care of Paul and assisting him with his sale in South Africa. I’ll be sure to call again if we have more business in your area. Thanks”


“We’ve been very pleased with the support we’ve received to-date. Right from the first call, we felt as though our needs were going to be met in a caring and efficient way. We’ve presented a few non-traditional needs (like needing adult education advice) and has been very solution-oriented. In addition to lots of follow-up and very good logistics and planning, we’ve found to be very good at thinking about our whole family – and treating us as a unit rather than just one employee being relocated. I’ve had experience with other relocation agents in the past, and Saunders has far exceeded that experience. Finally, we spent five days with Shelagh and found her extremely helpful and knowledgeable, and willing to help us sort through big decisions without over-imposing (which is a tricky balance). All in all – ten out ten so far!!! ”

“We couldn’t have been more pleased with your services. Everyone was very friendly, accommodating, and informative. Thank you very much for all that you have done for us.”


“Everyone did an outstanding job – very helpful and responsive. You made the whole flat-hunting process painless and even kind of fun!”

“All of you were wonderful! I wish more Companies (both UK and US) had the customer service focus you show.”


“Ann & Grace, Thank you so much for being part of the Team – as you know, this is Stericycle’s first expatriate assignment and they have been quite nervous throughout the process, but are also growing globally, which is a wonderful business opportunity. You make us look great and I really appreciate all the help and support you have provided. I am looking forward to working with Saunders 1865 on all of our future UK business.”

“Outstanding Service! My client, Matt Jaworski, loved the service! He could not say enough good things about his consultant. He was extremely pleased with the service and requested all service be placed with your company! Thank you for delighting my client.”


“Christine and Ann made the relocation experience very easy and pleasant. While it was hectic we achieved a great deal in a very short time and Christine was fun as well as very professional. Our thanks for your team for a successful move.”


“Thank you to your team for all of their efforts in assisting us – I believe this move has been a huge success. I want to say it has truly been a pleasure. We look forward to partnering with you again in the future!”

“Thank you so much for your hard work on this assignment. I appreciate your professionalism and attention to detail. You’re the best.”



“Thank you so much for your hard work on this assignment. I appreciate your professionalism and attention to detail. You’re the best.”

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“Very impressed..How happy we were with your excellent work in finding us our flat. Thanks once again!”


“I was very pleased with the attentiveness and response of during our relocation planning. Even though the school availability was quite restrictive I feel I received excellent advice from regarding the options before us. Her forethought was very much appreciated. We never could have met our aggressive schedule without the assistance of Saunders 1865.”


“The services that I received from Saunders were good. was always willing to talk to me and help me out when necessary and she was a real life saver in deciphering the 20 page contract that came with my 12 month lease! Peter who showed me around Cambridge was fantastic – he knew the area and was able to show me some other spots while we were touring Cambridge. The service was excellent! Thanks!”



“Ann Dinsdale is the best and always a delight to deal with! She does an excellent job of keeping me informed and stays on top of all my properties in process. Her always upbeat, friendly attitude is a breath of fresh air that has brightened my day on many a day. She is very knowledgeable, always willing to share her expertise, a true professional. Ann represents Saunders 1865 very well.”


“I have found the service to be generally excellent……..Your service has reduced my workload considerably and I would highly recommend that we continue our association with your company for future requirements. ”


“My contact at Saunders was Ann, who I found to be pleasant, helpful and reassuring. Results speak for themselves. My house went on the market early August and sold in September – great job!”


“I just wanted to thank everyone for their hard work in making our relocation to England a success. After a hectic week of packing and moving it was great to get to our house in Horsmonden full of furniture and other household items. It really made it feel like home. We are getting acquainted with the area and trying to get things normal for the kids (and us too)! Thanks again for a great job!”


“We found Jane’s approach to house-hunting very relaxed as well as professional. We particularly appreciated the fact that she was open and honest in her dealing with us offering suggestions but never imposing her personal opinions on us. We are very happy in our new UK home. Jane is a valuable asset to Saunders, and we enjoyed the time we spent with her very much.”

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“Ann & Anna were fantastic. Always responsive & helpful, they really made my relocation process much easier and when I ran into issues with my original choice, they made me feel much more comfortable about the very difficult situation. Thank you both very very much!!!”


“The support was outstanding. Anna Davison was extremely professional and Peter was very helpful and fun to be with during our house hunting tour.”


“Thanks for everything you did for us. Dealing with you was a pleasure. You make us feel at home already!”


“Ann, you are the absolute best. Many thanks for your patience and dedication”

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“Excellent all round. Relocation visit proved extremely useful and has saved me so much time in my search. Thanks to all in your persistence and persuasive approach!”


“Many thanks again for the excellent help in relocating my family back to England.”


“Everything has been well organized and we were happy having worked with you to find a very nice flat. We hope we’ll have again the opportunity to contact you if we need it. Thank you very much Linda, Anna and Ann for your help and your professionalism.”


“We found dealing with Saunders 1865 very easy and were very pleased with the way in which the sale progressed once Saunders became involved.”


“Many thanks to Kay Wells and Christine Hall, Both were very friendly, helpful and professional. We felt very confident in their abilities and in helping us make decisions. Thank you for making our transition to England trouble-free”


“My experience with Ann was more than satisfying. She was responsive, professional, communicative, and I as a result, there were no calls from our assignee asking about anything related to your service. WOW! Look forward to doing it again in the future!”


“Excellent service, well informed.”

“Ann was a wonderful Relocation Consultant! She was able to gauge my needs and knew exactly how much assistance to give me. I couldn’t have done this move as well without her”


“I thought it time to drop you a quick note and let you know how well things have turned out with us. After the initial “bump” in the road, we could not be more pleased with our relationship. In particular, Ann has proven to be not only exceedingly helpful, but a delight to work with. In many respects we are a bit sad the process has wound down as we will miss our regular chats with Ann. Hopefully she will hang around as a friend. The team has been great and again, Ann is truly a credit to your shop. I will be sending a recommendation and contact information down to the client service people at the DIFC in Dubai who handle these sorts of things. Thanks for your initial attention to this relationship and thanks to the team for the fine outcome.”


“We could not have moved to the UK in a timely fashion without Saunders 1865 help. We are deeply appreciative of their efforts at all stages of my family’s relocation. The money spent to use the a relocation specialist was money well spent. Anna Davison was helpful and more importantly patient throughout the process. We owe a great deal of our stress-free move to her.”


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