I had a very pleasant experience using your services. Ann got in touch with me early and took time to understand my situation.  She was responsive and available at any time. She would immediately get in touch and with agents of the properties I liked and suggest some on her own. Overall, I am happy that the process of relocation was this easy for me.

V.R - Serbia to London

We have had a very pleasant experience with Ann and Saunders 1865 in general.  We have felt that we are in competent hands and really appreciated the help we have gotten.

V.R - Denmark to London

“All is good and Eric has been great.  I’m happy that he was the agent assigned to me.”

C.K - Madrid to New York

“The language lessons with Andrey are going very well.  He is very patient, explains well and I have the feeling I am making decent progress.  It is clear that he is a professional and takes the lessons very seriously. Additionally, he is always on time which I value a lot.”

A.N  - London to Paris

“Ann was of great help with the relocation. She assisted me in finding an apartment and she answered all my questions promptly. I am very satisfied by her services, thank you!”

N.M - France to London

“Outstanding service so far. The local consultant has shown great flexibility in a very short time frame and went the extra mile to visit the property I really wanted. They have followed through on all items discussed. An awesome partner to have in my relocation from London to Paris. Thank you!

F.B– London to Paris, France

“Fantastic support throughout: very responsive, knowledgable, and helpful. I couldn’t be more pleased with the support received and look forward to continuing to work with you.

A.D, Cologne

“We were talking about how crazy it would have been to try and do this on our own, but you all made it an easy and smooth process.

J.S, Texas

“I’ve moved 3 times in under 4 years and while every move has been different, Ann has always been great at adapting to my needs for each different move.”

S.M – Iowa, USA

“Ann and her team were an absolute gift with regards to my expatriate stay. She was super response often working well beyond normal working hours and followed up even when things were in my court to ensure things got done properly and on time.”

J.T – San Francisco, USA

" Working with both Ann Dinsdale and Ruth Moniz continues to be an excellent experience.  They are both proactive, responsive, quickly assessed our needs and focused on the success of our settlement in Charlotte. 

Anne has been proactive at staying in touch, monitoring progress, ensuring our needs are addressed.

Ruth has been tremendous on the ground (in Charlotte) support.  She quickly understood the criteria of the home were looking for and helped us narrow the search locations.  Ruth has supported us in also identifying golf and country clubs in the area (including booking and going for tours), identifying homes to see, familiarizing us to the Charlotte area, and much more.  We recently completed an offer to purchase a house through Ruth and she is proactively booking and representing us for all inspections and follow-up.  Ruth has been nothing less than an exceptional support through this experience.  We have quickly built a strong rapport with Ruth and trust her in advising us. "

S.R - Toronto, Canada to Charlotte, USA

“I moved to Paris in early June 2021 and have had Antoine on the ground in Paris to assist me with my move. I could not be happier with the service Antoine has provided. He has always gone above and beyond to help/organise/manage the move and has always been super-efficient and very prompt in responding to anything.  He has made the move so much easier and I really could not be happier with his service. Ann in London was also very helpful from day 1 and always very approachable if I had any issues.  Antoine and Ann have been super helpful and extremely efficient.”

P.B - London to Paris

“It’s been a great experience with Ann and I’ve been very grateful for her help and quick response.  We are still not completely done with our relocation from India. But so far so good! Highly appreciative of your services!”

N.R - India to Charlotte

“Ann helped us with the queries we had.  So far we have had a positive experience working with her.  She is also reachable on the weekends, which is really helpful since we had to find a home quickly.  It's great to know that you are not on your own in a new city, and don't have to deal with all the problems alone.  I could have asked almost everything, also got offered proactively some useful things like revisiting the property before we move-in.”

Z.L - Hungary to London

“I have been very happy with the service that is being provided to me by my Saunders 1865 point person Ann Dinsdale. She is very engaged, always aims to find a solution. Proactively follows up on the outstanding items and makes sure that her partners on the ground do their part of the work. In addition to that she is very transparent and makes is so much easier to understand what to expect and how to manage the affairs. As we still have time ahead of us to do more work related to my relocation to Paris, I look forward to my continuous work with Ann."

S.M – London to Paris, France

“I have worked with the Saunders 1865 team during my 4 years on assignment in London. They helped me locate 2 flats over the years and have been a very helpful resource.”

J.L – Michigan, USA

“Ann has been of exceptional professionalism and support during the entire process. Her patience and support are impressive during the up and downs, fine tuning the right neighborhood, size, atmosphere.  When the right property is found, Ann takes over and her client feel safe that everything will be thought through and double checked. I would highly recommend Ann’s services to everyone. ”

E.V – London, UK

“I can’t say enough positive things about your help.”

H.O, Washington D.C.

“Super responsive, extremely helpful, and very professional.
Thank you for a great experience!”

H.G, Texas

Overall excellent experience. The process easy, and very well managed. Would recommend Saunders 1865 again in the future.

M.M, Dallas-USA

“The service was everything
I hoped it would be and you delivered on all that you promised.

F.W, New South Wales

“Truly a great experience working with such a dedicated and customer friendly group. I wish you all much success!”

S.E, New York

“The service we have received is excellent.
I wouldn’t know what I’ll do if the Saunders 1865 team
was not there to support me
every step of the way. ”

Y.C, Buenos Aires-Argentina

“Great help overall : precise information even for person unfamiliar
with UK “rules” of housing.”

JBL, Madrid-Spain

“My husband and I had a wonderful experience working with Saunders 1865 relocation team. We’d recommend anyone moving to London to use their services as they made the transition very easy.”

A.E, New York-USA

“I had a great experience with Ann and Karolina. They made my
international move seamless and easy.”

N.S, Ottawa-Canada

“Saunders 1865 was efficient, responsive, knowledgeable and helped us found a wonderful house & school for our family.”

L & S.R, Oakville-Canada

“All is great Ann. I could not be happier with the change to my language lessons. Only positive feedback for the tutor.”

M., Milan Italy

“Prompt and accurate attention was paid to all issues/questions”

A.M, New York

“What a serious relief you have given to someone under
the stress of a move across the world”

L.M, London

“Love the company and thanks for helping us through
the many challenges of moving across the pond”

A.G, Minneapolis

“We have had a wonderful experience working with Saunders 1865. Ann has been wonderful throughout the whole process – very responsive, providing great guidance, and with a wonderful attitude.”

C.B, New York

I can give you my feedback in three words Excellent, Excellent, Excellent, Seriously, no complaints, very excellent service ”

R.B, Vantaa-Finland

“I must say that without a doubt, you are the most thorough, organized, and responsive professional we have worked with in all of our UK dealings. Thank you for your hard work and commitment to excellence.

D.A, California-US

“The support has been great so far. The team is proactive, thinks ahead and along, drives the process and gets things done. I appreciate working with you!”

A.D, Cologne-Germany

“Thank you both for your efforts in settling all the issues.  I really appreciate your professionalism and tenacity.”

S.F, Toronto-Canada

“I was really satisfied with your support to find a property. .
Thanks again for your job!”

G.K, Budapest-Hungary

“I liked all the service and the assistance given to me in Saunders 1865. They helped me to find the best home in short time.”

CRD, Bogota-Colombia

“Saunders 1865 team was very helpful with the relocation support making our move to the UK as smooth as could be.”

N.F, Oakville-Canada

“We would like to say what a pleasure it was working with Ann for our recent relocation from California to Chester. THANK YOU!!”

K. & L.S, Fremont-USA

“The service we have received is excellent. I wouldn’t know what I’ll do if the Saunders 1865 team was not there to support me every step of the way.”

N.D, Marseille-France

“I appreciate all of your assistance over the last few months and I think this would have been nearly impossible without you!”

P.K, Oak Lawn-USA

“I am really grateful to Saunders 1865 for helping me with the home finding process in London. Very good job! Thank you!

A.T, Prague-Czech Republic

“I enjoyed the services obtained from Saunders. I thought they were useful both before arriving in London as well during the relocation process.

D.M, Istanbul-Turkey

“We were happy with the selection and quality of properties we viewed and feel very good about the property we ultimately secured. Thank you!”

R.C, Billerica-USA

Wanted to share with you that it has been a pleasure to work with Ann & Alicia. Both ladies have been extremely helpful during our relocation to London from Austin Texas.”

S.A, Austin-USA

“Ann and Christine did a fantastic job of getting the job done. I am in the Flat I am VERY happy with it.”

D.B, New Jersey-USA

“Ann Dinsdale has been an absolutely godsend in helping me find a “home” in London. Big thank you for all your help and congratulations for a job well done.”

A.F,  Toronto-Canada

“Thank you so much for all your help! It is hugely appreciated. You have gone above and beyond to help in finding suitable accommodation”

E.L, London-UK

“Thanks for all your hard work.  We are very appreciative of your support.  I have recommended that your services be used by the firm in the future for relocations.”

D.A, California-USA

“We are extremely thankful for all the help and guidance we received from you during our long home finding process. We very much appreciate all efforts you put in finding a home fitting our needs.”

S.A, Austin-USA

“I want to sincerely thank you for all of the hard work you all did to make it happen. Your insight and expertise was essential to the success of this big move for our family.”

N.G, San Francisco-USA

“Overall, excellent and thorough services. We were particularly pleased with the comprehensive flat finding services. We felt like we were priority number one and always informed at each step of the way.

B.L, New York-USA

“It was a great experience to move together with the assistance of Ann and her team. Everything went very smoothly. Many thanks for all the help!

B.D, London-UK

“Fantastic. Just fantastic. Ann Dinsdale and her team made finding a flat as easy as it could be in the circumstances. I cannot thank them enough for their dedication and attention to detail.”

M.A, Yorkshire-UK

“Saunders 1865 went above and beyond to make sure I was happy with every aspect of the flat hunt in London.

P.K, Oak Lawn-USA

“I had a wonderful experience working with Saunders 1865.  They were extremely attentive, knowledgeable, helpful and flexible with their time.”

C.G, Philadelphia-USA

“The entire Saunders team was fantastic.  They were patient and handled every negotiation and interaction professionally.”

C.T, San Francisco-USA

“Over all I found the services to be very helpful and appreciate the help and attention provided by the team.”

J.E, Missengue-Dubai

“Ann Dinsdale provided exceptional service in helping me secure a property under difficult conditions; Thank you!”

J.S, New York-USA

“A huge thank you to all the team at Saunders for taking such good care of me the last five years.   You’ve been absolutely lovely to work with and a highlight of my UK experience.”

K.E, New York-USA

“Everyone I worked with at Saunders was terrific. I want to thank everyone who assisted in making this move across the world a true pleasure.”

F.P, London-UK

“Love the company and thanks for helping us through the many challenges of moving across the pond.

A.G, Toronto-Canada

“Would like to say a big thank you to the team for all valuable assistance through apartment searching and settling-in. Thank you again.

I.R, Moscow-Russia

“Saunders 1865 team has been absolutely incredible. From our visit to London to our upcoming move, we have been supported every step of the way.”

E.O, Charlotte-USA

“We are appreciative of the excellent relocation services we have received through Saunders.  Ann is delightful, responsive, professional, knowledgeable– could continue.

J. & T.L, Vashon-USA

“We were very pleased with the service provided, the speed and the efficiency. Saunders 1865 took great care of all our issues which made our move to London a lot easier than expected.”

R.S, Kuala Lumpur-Malaysia

“We are so thankful for Saunders expertise in this subject matter to ensure our companies compliance in all aspects at all times.  INVALUABLE!

A.S, Des Moines-USA

“Saunders 1865 taken what was very complicated, that left our company open to risk, into a very easy, low maintenance process. I couldn’t be happier!”

S.K, Des Moines-USA

“I’ve been very happy with the service provided by the Saunders 1865 team and am grateful for their support in my move.  Thanks!”

C.S, New York-USA

“Saunders 1865 have been a tremendous help in finding and securing a house for the family and schools for the kids.”

J P L.N, Copenhagen-Denmark

“My experience with Saunders was fantastic. You were extremely helpful from day 1.”

JCB, San Francisco-USA

“The overall process managed by Saunders 1865 was very good and very well organized. They have done an excellent job helping us finding our new apartment.

J.N, Provence Area-France

“Saunders 1865 definitely made our transition to the UK much easier and I can’t imagine having made this move without their help and guidance!

C.R, Richmond-USA

“My fiancé and I have been very much satisfied with the service provided by Saunders. The company has been of great help by providing valuable advice and detailed guidelines.”

C.J, Vantaa-Finland

“Saunders 1865 delivered great service! I would recommend working with her and Saunders 1865 to anyone relocating to London!

A.G, New York-USA

“The entire Saunders team was fantastic.  They were patient and handled every negotiation and interaction professionally.”

C.T, San Francisco-USA

“Saunders 1865 were a pleasure to work with. We would recommend them to anyone who has the ability to use a relocation agent and is moving to London.”

S.E, New York-USA

“I owe it all to Ann and Saunders 1865. I would not hesitate to use or recommend Ann/Saunders in the future.  Thank you!!!”

J.M, Virginia-USA

“It has been my pleasure to work with you, I felt really accompanied in the whole journey. Thanks for everything!”

Y.C, Buenos Aires-Argentina

“I am happy with all the services been provided by Saunders. The team is very efficient and quick in making decision for newcomer like myself.”

A.T, Melbourne-Australia

“Was a true pleasure working with Saunders 1865. I don’t think the team could have found a nicer house for us.”

A.J, San Francisco-USA

“I appreciate the way Saunders 1865 staff has professionally helped us. I’m happy with the operativeness in answering my questions, both via email and  phone.

A.S, Moscow-Russia

“Thank you for the valuable assistance in my home finding. It was a time consuming process that I am glad we successfully completed.

M.A, Seattle-USA

“You have been a blessing to us and we will be happy to sing your praises to Wells Fargo. Many thanks.”

A.A, San Francisco-USA

“We are so thankful for Saunders expertise in this subject matter to ensure our companies compliance in all aspects at all times.  INVALUABLE!

A.S, San Francisco-USA

“The overall process managed by Saunders 1865 was very good and very well organized. They have done an excellent job helping us finding our new apartment.”

J.N, Provence Area-France

“The staff of Saunders 1865 have been helpful and responsive throughout our entire move and we couldn’t be more pleased with their service.”

J.M, Charlotte-USA

“Very friendly and efficient staff that accommodated our wishes.  It was a pleasure finding apartments with you.”

A.E, Stockholm-Sweden

“Saunders has been exceptional in helping us find a place to live and school alternatives for our children.We appreciate all of the help that we have received.”

R.G, Dallas-USA

“I am very thankful to Saunders 1865 especially Charmine for helping me in the relocation process. She is very helpful throughout this process. She has done a brilliant job. Thank you.”

AMG, Bombay-India

I’m Overall very happy and pleased with the support that has been provided. Many Thanks.”

S.D, Pune-India

“I have received a strong support from Saunders 1865. They were professionals as well as friendly during the whole process.

M.M, Madrid-Spain

“Just want to say that I am very pleased with the, very professional, and continued support from your team

H.G, Stavanger-Norway

“Saunders 1865 team has been extremely helpful and accommodating. I appreciate all of their continued support.”

M.M, Houston-USA

“The help and support given Saunders 1865 during my complete Settling-in & Orientation Assistance is excellent and very help full.

M.J, Pune-India

“Everyone I have dealt with at Saunders was very positive and helpful, I really enjoyed working with the team there.”

J.T, Houston-USA

“The services provided to me and my firm were outstanding. Everyone we dealt with demonstrated the utmost level of service and assistance.”

B.M, Lumberton-USA

“Overall excellent experience. The process easy, and very well managed. Would recommend Saunders 1865 again in the future.”

M.M, Dallas-USA

“Everyone at Saunders 1865 has been incredibly friendly and helpful. We appreciated all of their help. Thanks.”

B.M, Lumberton-USA

“It’s been an absolute pleasure working with everyone at Saunders 1865! I would recommend Saunders to anyone relocating.”

E.P, Philadelphia-USA

“Saunders 1865 gave very helpful guidance throughout the negotiation and documentation process. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend.”

S.C, Toronto-Canada

“Everyone was extremely friendly and happy to help. Please don’t let this take away from how wonderful and helpful everyone was.

S.D, Newport Beach-USA

“I’ve always had a great experience with Saunders 1865 and appreciate the care and support the team has provided me over the years.

K.E, New York-USA

“Everyone involved has worked hard for us and for that, we are truly grateful. We have a place that we adore and appreciate all the effort!”

A.S, Edinburgh-UK

“Thanks to Saunders 1865 and  for their hard work and exceptional efforts. They were a pleasure to work with. They have done an exceptional job.”

L.D, Chicago-USA

“We have had a wonderful experience working with Saunders 1865. Ann has been wonderful throughout the whole process – very responsive, providing great guidance and with a wonderful attitude.  “

C.B, New York